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Jln Datok Alias Batu 9, 43200, Cheras, Selangor

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About me

The #Live HappilyEverFit started at LIVEFIT Malaysia in 2015.It provides the basic knowledge,information and planning tools neede to help you better understand fitness,choose your training styles and keep you motivated.

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My services

By joining Individual Challenge or Corporate Lose Weight Challenge, you will get unlimited access to all #LiveHappilyEverFit information and planning tools,cutting edge fitness programs,events and new challenge. 

My achievements

Look at what you can achieve:

Within 10 days:


  • More energy
  • Sleep better
  • Better self confidence​​ 

Within 6 weeks


  • Better fitting clothes
  • Confidence boost
  • Positive Reaction fron friends 


  • Maintain Results & Benefits
  • Your newfound confidence
  • The new YOU