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- I have been working in audit firm for 3.5 years and freelance account for 2 years.
- Currently my major clients mostly on Trading, Services & Publications industries.
- I familiar with several Accounting software such as Autocount, SQL, UBS


Finance :

- Maintain full set of accounts for company (Sdn Bhd, Partnership & Enterprise) in different industry in timely manner . eg. Trading, Publications, Second Hand Car dealers, Servicing & etc.

- Register GST ID for clients, follow up GST issues with officer from Kastam Malaysia and Income Tax issues with LHDN officer

- Calculate and Submission of GST (monthly & quarterly)

- Liaise with Auditor, Tax agent and Company Secretary to answer queries regarding to accounting and company matters, such as audit & tax queries

- Prepare & calculate payroll - EPF, SOCSO, PCB and Salaries

- Ensure accounts is updated in timely manner for audit and tax purpose

Account Payable :

- Prepare Trade Payable Aging report and supplier statement

- Ensure all supplier invoice has been key in into account by cross check with supplier statement, make sure balance in Account Payable are tally with supplier statement

Account Receivable :

- Prepare Trade Receivable Aging report

- Print debtor statement and send to all customers for chasing payment

- Ensure every bank in are correctly enter into the right debtor account

Treasury :

- Check bank balance by online banking to ensure every bank in are fully and accurately recorded in account

- Prepare bank reconciliation every month

Others :
- Provide advice to clients on how to improve procedures in accounting and admin matters, such as billing, filing, collecting payment
- Contact software consultant to solve issues arising from accounting


My mission is to assist my clients solve all accounting problems and advice them to ensure accounting department is going on smoothly and efficiently.



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