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My name is Ivan Lau. I am a 36 years old native Chinese speaker . I m fluent in English, Malay and Cantonese as well. I am currently a full-time freelance Mandarin instructor. I have 6 years of experience in teaching Mandarin to both Adult and Children. I can only conduct online classes at this moment.

I coach Mandarin in all aspects includes speaking, reading & writing depends on the requirements of students.

Teaching Mandarin is my passion , i devoted most of my time in preparations to help my students to learn better and faster by using various methodologies. I also like to introduce some Chinese cultures to my students during lesson , so that they can deepen their understanding of the language. Both language and culture are inseparable.

During my spare time, i read a lot and this is the most important habit which keeping me to teach better on every lesson. I look forward to hear from you. Best Regards, Ivan


The scope of my teaching as follows:
* HSK Lessons
* School syllabuses
* Speaking lessons
* Business Mandarin
* Beginner Mandarin Lesson
* Intermediate Mandarin Lesson
* Advanced Mandarin Lesson 
​* Intensive Mandarin Lesson
* Survival Mandarin Lesson


My Achievement:

1."Excellent teacher who is patient to teach according to the student's pace and also flexible in methods and time. Knows how to adjust according to the student's requirements and suggest methods that make the lessons interesting to learn." From Lina (Malaysia)

2. "Ivan is very accommodating to the erratic schedules that three professionals have. He comes well prepared with the lessons and is very mindful of what is needed. Reasonably priced, would recommend him to other people interested in taking up Mandarin." From Syat (Malaysia)

3. Thank you for being a great teacher for Mandarin to my kids. In previous years, they were taught Mandarin at school, but through your class, their understanding has deepened and improved. You are a great teacher, very patient, knowledgeable, caring and reliable, and we hope to continue the year with you. From Audrey (French Parent)

4. My 9 year old daughter has been tutoring with Ivan Lau and he is absolutely wonderful. It is obvious his goal to ensure the students learn as much as possible and that he really cares. I highly recommend Ivan for anyone wanting to learn a new language! From Cassandra (American Parent)

5. Ivan has a very constructed and professional approach when it comes to teaching. He has good slides for each lesson, and provides you with some information about Chinese culture too. So far my experience with Ivan has been 9/10, and I'd recommend him for anyone that is interested in start to learn Chinese. From Topi (Finland, Skype Lesson)

6) I have worked with 5-6 different tutors and I think Lau Wai Luen is the best I have found, and offers better tutoring in Chinese than even people who charge more. He is flexible in style of practice and also time of lessons. I highly recommend him for practicing and learning Chinese. I have been studying for 1 year and practice separately from my lessons also. From Peter.
(US, Skype Lesson)



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