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Knotty Studio is a Penang based (Malaysia)  virtual studio,  Document Love is the core of our jobs.
We are passionate people who love to capture precious moments in life and retelling them in our Cinematic Film  and Photographs, We feels thankful to have the great opportunity to capture the two souls committed to the promise of forever.
With our unique Creative
, Fun
and Artistic
 style of Story Telling technique, we bring you your life moments in emotional and sophisticated pieces of high quality art with a timeless quality that last eternally.
We are a group of friends that have strong passion in Photography and Cinematography.
in year 2013, we started to form alliances and provide professional services to our client.
Thanks to all the support and trust of our client, we capable to get the opportunity to learn and grow from every jobs under our belt.
Year 2015, we decided to take a step further, so we form Knotty Studio – A studio that Care your Experience.

All of our Photography / Cinematography services is specially design to create Unique and Pleasant Experience for our client. 


Wedding Day Photography / Cinematography

Your wedding day is the day where two souls committed to the promise of forever. You might want to enjoy this memorable day with your family and friends. We have a team of Cinematographers/photographers with excellent experience in capturing memorable wedding day shots, where you can truly leave it to us to capture all these lovely moments on your special day, so you can eventually own a cherished collection of these memories.
Pre Wedding Photography / Cinematography

Pre-wedding portraits photography is an engagement photography session that produces still shots of couples before your wedding day. Penang is a beautiful historical cities, We offer various pre-wedding packages were photos will be taken at our homeland . For those who would like to own different sets of wedding photos or you would like to have a different theme or outfit, you can always go for pre-wedding portraits photography. It is always best to relax and enjoy the local scenery while we capture your portraits.
With our Creative
, Fun
 and Artistic
 style, you will be amazed with the outcome.
Love Story Cinematography 
Every Soul is unique,  When two soul fell in love with each other it created unique stories. For those who interested to document their journey of love,  We are the story teller. We have a team of experience Art Director, Cinematographer,and MUA to crafted and turn your unique story in to SIGNATURE CINEMATIC FILM. It is one of the best way to preserved your precious memories of each other. For those interested, it is always the best for you to drop us a mail to tell us your stories. we will customize your love for you.




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Pre Wedding Photography

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