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Kleencon was born out of my desire to provide honest and quality professional cleaning services to customers. I left my former company to start my own cleaning services business after several instances where I felt that the customers were not getting their moneys’ worth as they were provided unsatisfactory services, leaving a bad taste in his mouth.
Since I started Kleencon in 2010, I have never had the need to do a site visit. We charge per day and by the number of hours recommended for each cleaning job.
We offer a full range of cleaning services for all your residential and commercial needs, all performed by hard working folks, willing to please and taking pride in their work.
We have teams who specialize in house cleaning, crews who specialize in carpet cleaning, window cleaning, tiles and natural stone cleaning and sealing and other special services.
My team is very detail-oriented about every step and cleaning materials used in the cleaning process to ensure every speck of dust and grime is effectively removed.


We are specialize to undertake the following services(Selangor & K.L. area):
1. Initial / Hand Over / Pre move-in / Post-Renovation Cleaning
    (Bungalow, Semi-Detached House, Linked House, Townhouse, Condominium, Apartment, Flat, Office, Shop Lot, Factory)
2. House General Cleaning, Thorough Cleaning & Fine Cleaning
3. Floor cleaning
    (Scrubbing & Waxing & Burnishing for tiles & natural stone, Grinding & Polishing for Marble)
4. Carpet & Sofa & Mattress Shampooing
5. Signboard Cleaning
6. Building External Cleaning
    (Window Glass Cleaning & Alucobond Cleaning)
7. Swimming pool cleaning


We have previously serviced satisfied customers in Selangor and KL.



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