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About me

Back in the old days, melamine is only famous for being cheap and durable but not design, That what makes many home owners opt for other materials to get the look they want.

But not with us. We offer a wide range of melamine options unlike many other cabinet suppliers. Our high grade melamine cabinets are now super trendy, affordable and competitive with other materials. We follow the demand trends and now we have a wide range of design, colors and patterns. With us, you can achieve your desired ambience just by using our melamine cabinets.

Our high grade melamine cabinet is also durable, can withstand common household chemicals (such as washing-up liquid) and definitely can last long for years with minimal maintenance.

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My services

My interior design and renovation team always work closely with client. We care about client's budget and timeline and treat it as top priority. Currently, at KitchenHomeBuilder , we do not implement GST in our products and services, therefore we are able to maintain our interior design service at our best rates and it's competitive among others in the same industry.

We also travel around the country to provide interior design ideas and consultation for home and retail owners to start their construction works at a minimal traveling allowance.

Service Provided for Interior Design Package

  • Site visit and measurement
  • Idea and concept development and consultation
  • Material and color consultation
  • Scaled space planning (floorplan, reflected ceiling plan, flooring)
  • Scaled technical drawings for build-on cabinets (TV console, kitchen cabinet, shoe cabinet, wardrobe etc)
  • 3D perspective view
  • A compilation of all drawings and design development
  • Value added: bill of quantities is provided as well for your easy reference.

Service Provided for Interior Design & Renovation Contract

All types of works in the ID Package, inclusive of

  • Project Management & Coordination
  • Budgeting Control, Scheduling
  • All Kind of Wet Works (electrical, wiring, plumbing, tiling, plaster ceiling etc)
  • All Kind of Fit Out Works (glass and aluminium, flooring, ceiling, doors, windows, ironworks etc)
  • Soft Furnishing (curtains, blinds, upholstery etc)
  • Cabinetry Works (kitchen, wardrobe etc) and many more!​ 

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