Kesuma Pest Control Services Sdn Bhd

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No.30-1 Jalan Sentosa 2, Taman Sentosa Sungai Jelok, 43000, Kajang, Selangor

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About me

KESUMA PEST CONTROL SERVICES SDN BHD was incorporated on January 27th,2010. Previously now as Kesuma Pest Control Services which incorporated on Jun 26th 2002.

We are about 14 year in the Pest Control Services Business line. The company running by experienced and dynamic people. The company vision has always become a company in the said flied.

KESUMA PEST CONTROL SERVICES SDN BHD believes in the best. To ensure smooth running of the operation , was has been advocating “ Happy Life“ with clean environment, comfortable living space and farming with the nature in order for all people to live healthy and happy lives.

KESUMA PEST CONTROL SERVICES SDN BHD  believes in enriching the lives of people by providing the highest Level of professional services.

Today the company has earned confidant, reputation and recognition by its entire client due to its fast and highest quality services rendered.

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My services

* Corrective Treatment : Drill holes through concrete slab to inject termicidal fluid In building.

* Soil treatment : Build – In protection against white ants during construction.

* White Ants : House, Office, Factory.

* Rats / Cockroach : House, Super markets, Warehouse.

* General Pest Control : Extermination of all pest in Hotel, Cinemas, and House.

* Mosquitoes control / Larvae : Spraying (larvae) & Fogging both inside and outside the building, garden, surrounding the area.

My achievements