Kaleem Khan (Gym Lifestyle)

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Zehn Private Gym, 47810, Bangsar, Selangor

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About me

Hi thanks for visiting my profile. I'm a certified personal trainer. I was working in Malaysia as a Fitness Trainer in last 9 years. To be honest, it is my passion to provide a healthy lifestyle to my clients and I'm doing my best. Until now I've trained lots of people and I've seen changes. I always tell my clients to stay healthy and strong, don't think too much about losing fat and gaining muscle and you will see improvements. I have many clients who are happy with how I've helped them improve their fitness levels.

My services

These are my certifications:

Certified Personal trainer (ACE)

-Women Fitness specialist (NASM)

-Advanced Muscle and Strength Development (FIT)

I can help you achieve the following fitness goals:

-Posture exercises

-fat loss

-muscle gain

-strength training

-endurance and balance

-body weight training

-intensity training 

-Active isolated stretch therapist ...

My achievements

I've trained lots of people and I've been great improvements in their fitness levels and lifestyle.