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JSS Ventures lebih dikenali sebagai Cleans Army ini kerana kami menggunakan nama Cleans Army bagi menujukan yang kami sentiasa bersedia jika ada permintaan dari pelanggan. Di samping tu menunjukan team yang berdedikasi dan cekap menjalankan kerja-kerja pembersihan.


JSS Ventures atau lebih dikenali sebagai Cleans Army menawarkan perkhidmatan pembersihan sama ada
untuk kediaman, Pejabat dan lain - lain. Perkhidmatan kami merangkumi "Basic Housekeeping", "Move in Move out" dan juga "after renovation".
sama ada secara berjadual mahupun sekali sahaja. Berjadual adalah seperti :
- Seminggu Sekali
- 2 Kali Seminggu
- Sebulan 2 kali dan sebagainya
Perkhidmatan kami meliputi kawasan Lembah Klang dan Kuala Lumpur.




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House Cleaning (with Basic Sanitization)
Event / Party Cleanup
Move In / Move Out Cleaning
Office / Commercial Cleaning
Post Renovation Cleaning
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Ratings & reviews

3 ratings

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Lawrence Then about 1 year ago

Some area can be done more thoroughly, eg cleaning material should be put back to same place instead leaving at the door, floor was mopped once only. However they are very punctual reached 15min before time start. I'm giving 4 star only as there are area that can be further improved but overall was an ok cleaning session.

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Sue about 1 year ago

Work very slow. 2 hrs 2 cleaners only manage to clean upstairs, ie. one master room, two toilets, and common area for a normal terrace house. Downstairs was a touch & go job in 20mins while downstairs toilet is untouched. Attitude was bad too when we told them the toilet, fan was untouched as well as over the phone when they keep demanding for payment immediately and was unhappy when we provide our feedback on their service.

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