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We are Yoga & Meditation centre located at Kota Damansara.


1) Regular Yoga Classes
2) Private Classes
3) Critical Alignment Therapy (Yoga Therapy)
4) Critical Alignment Yoga (Alignment Based Yoga)
5) Councelling & Psycology
6) Meditation and Mind Training
7) Corporate Training for mind focus and healthy posture.
8) LifeBrary (Holistic library)


Sarah Lee’s testimony 
​Sarah is our student, she started practicing CAT since last November 2014, below is her testimony.
Sarah Lee’s testimony --
People always labelled me as having an unusual hunched upper back- sometimes referred to as a dowager’s hump. Many understood that this stoop posture, medically termed as Kyphosis, is usually due to unhealthy postures and process of aging. But, against the norm, the formation of dowager’s hump on my upper back started when I was a child.
I could still remember that some of my well-meaning friends and relatives could always offer a word of advice to my mum that medical attention may be needed to cure my hump because it was ugly to be on a young girl. I did seek medical attention from a few medical specialists and to sum it all up, many doctors didn’t have a definitive answer to my issue. I had to keep long hair to cover the hump so that it is less visible to the public.
I started researching and found that many people recommending yoga. I was excited to embark on this journey to healing. I did some usual yoga practices but with no specific focus on aiming therapeutic for my back hump until I came across Critical Alignment Therapy (CAT) founded by Gert Van Leeuwen from Amsterdam.
It was in October 2014, I met Gert for a personal assessment at Journey Within studio where he checked the mobility of my spine in a adjusted original sitting position as well as in upside down position in headstand bench. Gert was positive about my condition as he said that he could sense movements on my upper spine and therefore there is a possibility that my upper back could be straighter. I was hopeful to try out the exercises using CAT techniques.
My regular exercises under CAT are Roll under Shoulders, lying on Single and Double Strip. My CAT therapist teachers, Mei Leng and Michelle Tai would normally let me practice at least twice a week headstand on headstander. Once a while I would practice backbender exercise which tremendously improved my condition.
So, throughout the CAT therapy sessions, I realised that all these while, I was having restricted breathing pattern and I was unconscious of that unhealthy breathing pattern. Today, I am breathing with new breathing pattern which is free and light and it gives a lot of "open" space in my chest.
I always term CAT as a “Magical” therapy. These exercises may look simple but highly therapeutic and effective. Just recently, I took the courage to cut my hair short as I do not have to hide my hump anymore. I also look much straighter and I am positive about the further progress I can go from here. CAT is still my daily practice and will always be.



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