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  • Jikey
  • D'aman Crimson Jalan PJU IA/41, Ara jaya, 47301, Ara Damansara, Selangor
  • 00216713-H

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About me

Hi, Jikey here, i'm are 1 of the brainchildren behind Corporate Portraits Wizards.
Unlike many “professional” photographers out there, there are some who are just naturally gifted. Take away their fancy high tech equipments and give them a sucky camera; put them in the worst scenarios and leave it to their creativity and resourcefulness, and still, these gifted photographers will capture great, captivating shots. Well, Jikey is one of them. Don’t take my word for it! Go ahead and check out our work here.
When it comes to corporate portraits (some would call them head shots), we believe in one thing – with the “noise” and “clutter” of the world today, you have only 0.6 seconds to create an impression.
One 0.6 seconds glance to create a hook.
One 0.6 seconds look to leave a lingering reflection.
One 0.6 seconds to capture your essence, your character, your unsaid.
Ready for your 0.6 seconds?


My services

• Coporate/Commercial Photography

• Viral Video/Motion Graphic

• Wedding Actualday Photography & Videography

• Product Photography

• Corporate Events Photography & Videography

My achievements

Wedding Actual Day SDE



Commercial/Viral Video/Pitcting VIdeo 






Reviews & Rating

Friendly photographer. Happy to communicate and explore the ideas with him.


by wyne teo - 2 Aug 2015

Thank you ... it's fun have the photo session with you team :D

by Online Image - 10 Aug 2015