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About me

Jason is a Strength & Conditioning Coach since 2006 and has vast experience working successfully with clients of various background such as national level athletes, general population and special population – Pregnant and post-partum ladies, older adults, rehabilitation, cancer patients and clients with musculoskeletal issues.

His clients hires him in various settings such as Personal Training, Group Personal Training, health and fitness talks, seminars and consultation.

He also train and mentor new trainers in preparing them to be competent fitness professionals.

He had 10 minutes of fame when he appeared on NTV 7’s Bella Mars programme and has also written for various magazines on health and fitness.

In his free time he enjoys riding his motorcycle, chilling and eating good food with his friends.

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Performance Enhancement Specialist – National Academy of Sports Medicine

Corrective Exercise Specialist – National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certified Fitness Trainer – International Sports Sciences Association

Certified Sports Masseur – Singapore Sports Council

BA (Hons) Psychology – UCSI University

Diploma in Social Science (Counselling) – Tunku Abdul Rahman College

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My services

Personal Training

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How Does Personal Training Work?

Prior to starting a personal training program, I conduct an assessment for each and every client before designing a personal training plan for them.

Why is assessment needed?

Assessment is important to know your strength, mobility and movement quality level (fitness level) in order to design a safe and efficient program for you. I will not start training people without knowing their fitness level, just like how an ethical doctor will not prescribe any medication without first conducting a medical check-up.

” I have been training for X number of years, do I still need an assessment ?”

Yes. In my personal experience, regardless how long you have been training, there are still room for improvement in your training plan. Therefore only an assessment could tell which area could be improved. Even national athletes are required to have their assessment done before starting their training program with me.

What kind of training approach do you use ?

This may sound a little funny, but I am using a safe, efficient and proven method, without any label or name to it. With my knowledge and expertise in exercise science, I design a personal training program for you based on your fitness level and goal(s).

My achievements

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