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As a teenager, I've always been fascinated by how numbers play a huge role in our lives and having seen businesses run around me, I realised the effort it takes for an Accountant to ensure a healthy financial position of every companies they deal with. To me, I enjoy helping my clients on achieving their goals without being derailed by the Accounting, Tax and Admin matters. I continuously provide advisory services to ensure the management of a company is always kept at a high level. Let's connect & make the impossible possible!


I work with clients to assist in reducing their overheads by outsourcing their Accounting, Tax and Admin related work.

I have successfully helped clients on achieving a better system for their organisation by providing efficient Payroll and Admin duties which have tremendously reduced time spent of these matters by 40%.

Besides that, I have also performed Bookkeeping for these clients and they have been able to accelerate their auditing processes by reducing the number of enquiry items significantly.

In terms of Tax duties, I have been able to offer better tax management, detailed tax estimation every 6th and 9th-month revision and to aid the clients in receiving relevant funds from the government.
Here's a brief layout of my duties for these clients:

- Handling AP/AR
- Payroll & Admin Duties
- Handling all HR matters with compliance of JTK (Jabatan Tenaga Kerja)
- Preparation of monthly financial stats
- Preparation of production, sales and other associated budgets
- Preparation & submission of company Tax returns & SST returns
- Mitigation & planning of taxes with compliance of LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri)
- Liaising with auditors, company secretary and government bodies.


Partially Qualified in ACCA
BSc in Applied Accounting - Oxford Brookes University
Diploma in Accountancy - Segi University



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