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B4-1-43A,NO 1, JALAN 1/152, TAMAN OUG PARKLANE, 58200, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan

Hire AIS IT & DIGITAL CENTRE & other service providers, for any of the popular services below.

About me

Does your IT Infrastructure make you feel sick?  Are you struggle on your computer problems?

In AIS IT & DIGITAL CENTRE, we work daily to solve and simplify customer IT Infra problems.

Day by day, IT technology is involved to a new level, so does our company.

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My services

Our service included :-

  • Computer software / hardware troubleshooting.
  • Residency / Corporate Office network solutions.
  • Networking hardware configurations such as firewall, proxy server, windows server, network VLAN, VPN and etc.
  • Network cable / wireless Hotspot supply and installation.
  • IT Infrastructure consultancy.

My achievements

In year 2014, we have the opportunity to involved in overseas projects for customer across China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Now we are looking forwarding on more projects within nation wide and international.