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About me

Inspire Grass® is an innovative product substituting natural grass that is built to last, indoors and outdoors. Its equally natural appearance makes Inspire Grass® not only beautiful, but also more practical when it comes to maintenance and landscaping.

Usually used for sports fields, golf courses, residential and business premises, Inspire Grass® allows landscape lovers to enjoy perfectly maintained grass all year round, regardless of the weather condition. It is also versatile enough for unique applications!

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My services

The texture of ARTIFICIAL grass is soft yet tough, making it comfortable to walk on even without footwear. Because of its toughness, artificial grass is able to endure the weight of heavy objects without leaving any dry patches or discolouration. Most artificial grass are treated with a UV inhibitor which helps to shield it from drastic fading and degradation caused by UV.

Using ARTIFICIAL grass is a smart choice because it requires minimal maintenance, making it unnecessary to mow, trim or fertilise. It is also environmental friendly as there is no need for harmful pesticides and it does not require any watering, which helps save water as well.

Some of the advantages of using artificial grass are:-

  • Long lasting and the colour does not fade easily.
  • Easy to install.
  • Safe for both children and pets.
  • More hygienic as it does not require dirt or mud.
  • Suitable alternative in areas with little or no sunlight.
  • Excellent for swimming pool areas as it is non-slippery.

Different Versions Of Inspire Grass:

  • Le Grassi
  • Le Meadow
  • Le Chime
  • Le Clubio

Inspire Trees

My achievements

Reviews from previous clients:

  • Gareth Davies : Showed up on time, did a neat job, good quality product at a reasonable price - no complaints.
  • Luc Timmermans : Job well done. On time, great workmanship, good quality. Highly recommended.
  • Kent Hoong : Great staff, excellent service, amazing products!
  • AnuarSam DanKimi : Tq for the neat work. My balcony garden dream will come true
  • Fiona Wang : Greenness can make people good feeling
  • Francisca Marie Gordon : Easy maintenance, clean and visionally invigorating
  • Masnida Johari : Neat & green...... definitely it's a great choice to get a beautiful garden landscape...
  • Nurmuhammad Wafi : I just love the Le Grassi product... Very comfortable and A+ for its quality...
  • Maslaini Matrajin : Sangat cantik dan mengindahkan lagi pemandangan...memang terbaik
  • Wong Khai Meng : Nice quality product
  • Zamna Wanzah : Suit for green lovers and conventional places
  • Ani Zol : Great job..Beautiful garden landscape and green colour..