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About me

Aircon Servicing Deals for Residential Premises
Imbangan Padu benchmark its aircon servicing rates to deliver a value for money service to our customers. All the aircon servicing deals listed on our profile are for residential premises only. Charges for commercial offices may vary depending on location and frequency of maintenance. Commercial customers are advised to contact our company’s sale personnel for further details and quotations.
General Aircon Servicing
General aircon servicing or cleaning will help your air conditioners work with better efficiency to produce cleaner and healthier air. The general aircon servicing rates below applies to a one time service charge. Take note that the per unit aircon servicing deal decrease as the number of air con units serviced increase. If you service your air con units more than once a year or regularly, you should refer to the maintenance service contract rates as the rates for periodic aircon servicing and maintenance are much cheaper due to high level of discounts.
Air con Maintenance Service Contract
Regular servicing and maintenance is necessary for air conditioners with high or heavy usage. If you need to service and maintain your air conditioners regularly, you should consider signing a yearly maintenance contract. This will help to reduce the cost of maintenance for your air conditioners. If you sign a maintenance service contract with Imbangan Padu, you can enjoy regular maintenance of your air conditioners in a timely manner. As a result, you can always enjoy clean and cool air at a cheaper rate. You will also save money in the long run because regular servicing of your air con will help to extend the life span of your air conditioners.


My services

Aircon Services
Air con Maintenance Services
• General air con servicing (one-time basis)
• General air con servicing (Periodic Air con Maintenance Service Contract)
• Air con Chemical Cleaning (also known as Chemical Wash or Chemical Overhaul)
Air con Troubleshooting & Air con Repair Services
• Air con problem troubleshooting
• Air con Repair
Air Con Installation and Other Services
• Installation of new air con
• Installation of used air con
• Relocation of air con system
• Removal of old air con system
• Plastering back false ceiling hole (without painting)

My achievements

We are one of pioneer Aircond service provider at Klang valley. We serve both Residency and Commercial customers. They are pretty much like our service and commitment towards them. And most importantly, they are still clinging with us, as we are reliable and always looking towards customer satisfaction. "WE CARE FOR YOUR NEEDS".

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Very good, fast and friendly service.



by Farid - Aircond Installation - over 1 year ago

Thank you for your support. Hope to work together.

by Imbangan Padu Enterprise - 13 Jul 2018