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My name ian Lim, 28 this year and I have been doing emceeing part time since high school at the age of 16. My first event was for a high school gala dinner for 100 pax, and now? I am hosting festivals, weddings and corporate events alike, doing what I enjoy most, entertaining!!

I like getting to know my clients, be it corporates or wedding couples, giving the event more personality. Nowadays people hire presenters from agencies, because it is convenient, but i believe that the event, every event should be treated with the right charisma and energy, tailored to them, and THAT is what I want to bring to them!

Lets have a quick chat, coffee's on me, I’ll be happy to get acquainted. Cheers!


Emcee. Host. Presenter.
For all events, big or small, fun or serious, professional or just a bit of fun? We can bring the best out of any crowd!

English (Main, Very Fluent) A solid command of Mandarin, BM, Hokkien, Hakka, Cantonese, many accents available upon request! Tastefully done, for sure =)


Here are some notable events I have done,

Chung Ling High School 2004 Annual Gala Dinner
- Host and Presenter for 150 pax
- Award ceremony and presentation
- Opening and Closing Remarks

Summer Ball 2007 of INTI College Penang
- Host and Emcee for 200 pax
- Games event
- Prize giving
- Music arrangement

2008 September - 2011 July, University

Festival Of Diversity VII: Heritage (Musical Play) 2008
- Host and Emcee for the evening for 300 pax
- Actor
- Dancer
- Music Choreographer

Festival Of Diversity VIII: Rimbun (Musical Play) 2009
- Creative Director
- Writer and Producer
- Host and Emcee for the evening for 300 pax
- Won Best Musical of 2009 of Cardiff University
- Won Best Cultural Show for 2009 of Cardiff University

Leadership Conference 2009
- Full day Event
- Presenter for 400 pax from all over the UK
- Moderator for 2 panels of discussion

2011 September - November 2012, CIMB Bank

CIMB The Complete Banker Mid Year Luncheon
- Emcee for 50 pax
- Award Presenter

Julian and May Lyn's Wedding
- emcee of 200 pax

Friend's Wedding "Jason and Jocelyn"
- Emcee and Entertainer for 250 pax

Cousin's Wedding "John and Mariel"
- Emcee and entertainer for 200 pax

2012 December - Present, Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad

Hwang Investment PRS Launch Event 2013
- Emcee and Presenter for 200 pax

SSRC President 2013/14
- Emcee and Host for company Annual dinner, 250 pax
- theme: The Secret Life of You

Affin Hwang Market Outlook Talk, 2014
- Presenter for 1000 pax

Company Annual Dinner 2016
- Emcee and Host for 300 pax
- Award Presenter
- theme: White Bahamas

Private Wealth Department Sales Away Day 2017
- host for 25 pax
- Award Presenter and party starter

Meteora Capital Management Off site 2017
- Presenter for Annual Dinner 80pax
- Gangland 1940s Theme
- Party starter

Kaylen and Willie's Wedding Dinner 2017
- emcee for 250 pax
- Main Coordinator of event
- dual lingo with restaurant emcee

Feel free to ask me in detail the events above, i will be more than happy to tell you more.


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