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Home Appliance Repair

Home Appliance Repair

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  • Nirpal Singh A/L Ranjit Singh
  • 13-2-1 jalan 7/13 bandar bukit puchong, 47100, Puchong, Selangor

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About me

When your appliance breaks down, we know time is of the essence! That’s why at Home Appliance Repair, we only have licensed service technician who is trained and experienced in all appliance repairs. They are friendly, courteous and honest experts who will repair your appliance to the highest standards using only quality parts.


My services

We provide appliance repair services for:

• Refrigerators

• Washers/Dryers

• Air Conditioners

We do sales, service, and repair.and repair.

My achievements

Good service rendered to customers so far and fixed their appliances.  service rendered to customers so far and fixed their appliances . 

Reviews & Rating

Very good


by Raymond Chu - Washer / Dryer Repair - few minutes ago



Reasonableprice selectedReasonable PriceExcellentservice selectedExcellent ServiceFastefficient selectedFast and EfficientPunctual selectedPunctualHelpfulfriendly selectedHelpful & FriendlyRespsonsive selectedResponsive

by Adzlan Shah - Washer / Dryer Repair - 2 days ago

Did not repair anything but took the Rm50. He also gave wrong advice. Finally I found another contractor to complete the job


by Rodziah Puteh - Refrigerator Repair - 3 days ago

. Sorry may I know when our technician have been on site for the consultation, can you please provide with the date of consultation,, please provide the receipt , please take note rm 50is checking charges not include parts, but refused to Repair at that moment

by Home Appliance Repair - 13 Oct 2019



Excellentservice selectedExcellent Service

by Chan - Water Heater Repair - about 1 month ago


by Home Appliance Repair - 9 Sep 2019

Very untrustworthy.. lie through their teeth.. the repair caused malfunction to my eclb test and reset button.. incorrectly swapped with one another.. the reset button became the test button.. they say it’s normal when asked about it.. I insisted they fix it as I know that isnot how it should work.. then they claimed they fixed it and performed the test to show me its fix.. however I noticed the technician tried to fool me by pressing the reset button instead of the test button to show the power trip.. told him off and insisted they fix the malfunction..they took it back with them for several days before returning it


by Renne Sidhu - Water Heater Repair - 3 months ago



Excellentservice selectedExcellent ServiceFastefficient selectedFast and EfficientHelpfulfriendly selectedHelpful & FriendlyRespsonsive selectedResponsive

by Teh Chung Kiat - Washer / Dryer Repair - 4 months ago


by Home Appliance Repair - 22 Jun 2019

Fast response and was at site within 2 hours and job done in less than 30min Felt that the replacement part was a little pricey, but otherwise it was fast and efficient repair with no other complaints.


by Patrick Er - Washer / Dryer Repair - 5 months ago


by Home Appliance Repair - 11 May 2019

Good service. Good advise. Quick at work. Overall satisfied



by Suhairee Rahman Sani - Washer / Dryer Repair - 6 months ago


by Home Appliance Repair - 27 Apr 2019

Good job done, quick and efficient. Professionalism at its best and highly recommended. Thank you so much.



by Melvinder Kaur - Refrigerator Repair - 6 months ago


by Home Appliance Repair - 26 Apr 2019

Fast service and cheap compare to other vendor



by Nur hafizah - Washer / Dryer Repair - 6 months ago


by Home Appliance Repair - 26 Apr 2019