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At Vista Mex we have 10 years of experience in office relocation, safe deposit relocation, compactor relocation and house relocation. My team is very experienced, we have professional standards, I am strict on hygiene and punctuality and we work around the clock. I've never had customer complaints in my career, I ensure that my workers handle all moving items with care.

At Vista Mex , we aim to provide first class relocation services to corporate as well as individuals who are looking to relocate their offices, warehouse, and homes.

Our team of experienced individuals ensures and enables us to stand out as a one-stop solution center for a wide range in relocation services.

It doesn’t matter who you are, because we provide our services from large scale operations to small operations. It may be a large corporation, a small branch office, a new data center, we are there to help you move from the beginning to the end of the relocation.

We work as if we are an extension of your company, our staff becomes your staff and will be focused on your needs and requirements until we make sure that your company/home found its new home in place and on time.

Planning for a business relocation is not an easy task that will overwhelm even the most experienced person. Why take this task to your hand when you have other important tasks to complete for your business? This is where Vista Mex comes in where we will take care everything for you. our experienced team will handle all tasks from providing the task list, Project Plans, Equipment and Materials documentation, provide for an unending list of details to schedule and co-ordinate for even the most basic moves.
Our Team

Extensively trained about our innovative moving and packing methods.
Include supervisors with years of experience in moving industry.
Company Strength:
No of staff : 25 people
No of trucks : 5 units
Our Planning

Vista Mex will present a coding system and a full move plan to the client. Also develop a detailed plan and scope of services to address each aspect of your move, providing a detailed estimate of services and costs.
Dedicated supervisors will be present all the time during the course of moving.


Here are list of our main services:-

- Office relocation services & management
- Household relocation services
- Professional packing & crating services
- IT equipment relocation
- Safes relocation
- Machinery relocation
- Carpentry services for dismantling of large pieces of furniture
- Workstation partitions relocation – dismantling and set up
- Warehouse relocation
- International household goods relocation
Business relocation support services

- Interior Design and office space planning
- IT equipment and infrastructure relocation
- Reinstatement services for current office
Other services

- Special products
Transporting priceless fine art, an exhibit worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, or sensitive electronic equipment, Vista Mex has the expertise to manage your move – and do it successfully.
- Shredding
In today’s competitive business world where information is power, it seems natural that companies take every means necessary to protect their confidential and sensitive documents. For those documents, if put in the wrong hands, can (and have) cost large corporations and small business tens of thousands of ringgits


Since the very beginning we started operating movers services till today, we are getting countless positive feedback from our users. Most of them said they will recommend our company to as many people as they know since they are very satisfied with our services. Kindly spent more time to have a look on our customers' reviews at below.
Satisfaction Guaranteed....



Ratings & reviews

73 ratings


Yeé Chiéh Tån almost 3 years ago

Punctual, efficient, i have my moving done within 3 hours in total. Some losse items missing (maybe because did not seal the box) but other wise their service was good.

Suja almost 3 years ago

We had a great experience with vista mex movers. Scheduling was easy, and the movers arrived on time. They were very professional and informed us of how they would pack the furniture. They were extremely fast and careful in moving our furniture into our newly renovated home without damaging the floors or walls. In the end, the service was very affordable, and I would recommend them to all of my friends.

VISTA MEX (002600154-D) replied:

Dear Ms.Suja Thanks for hiring & giving us a chance to serve you. And the valuable time you took to review us. Best regards from VIsta Mex Team

Manjith Singh almost 3 years ago

I was very pleased with Vista Mex Movers did my belongings. They were very professional and conscientious. They went the extra mile to make sure that all my belongings were taken care of very well. Also they were very hard working and my doorways were narrow and to bring in the furniture was very tight through the doors and hallways are very narrow and they took time and care moving my bigger furniture down throughout the house. They showed a lot of care with all of my belongings. Very conscientious working. These all, as far as I am concerned, deserve a large raise. Also the team were very personable. The office staff that I personally delt with were very knowledgeable and helpful. Overall I would recommend your company to anyone who is moving they house or office! ones again thanks you so much guy!

VISTA MEX (002600154-D) replied:

Dear Mr.Manjith Singh Thanks for hiring & giving us a chance to serve you. And the valuable time you took to review us. Best regards from VIsta Mex Team

Ali akbar almost 3 years ago

I had a very good experience with Vista Mex Movers, from the way they packed things, to their nice personalities, to their professionalism. Specifically, Mr.Rony and He's team were the Vista mex movers assigned to move my things from one location to another. Both had great personalities and they looked out for my things; they actually cared about my property. And all of them had great personalities; explaining exactly what they were doing. Even though they did arrive on time to my location, Mr.Rony, the manager was professional, they worked extra for us they never charge me! I would definitely use VistaMex Movers Team were outstanding! out of 10 Star! Highly recommended."

VISTA MEX (002600154-D) replied:

Dear Mr.Ali akbar Thanks for hiring & giving us a chance to serve you. And the valuable time you took to review us. Best regards from VIsta Mex Team

Sazlina almost 3 years ago

Ronny himself came to survey my house and gave all the sweet promises of how they will take care of our stuff. Because of the promises we agreed to hire. But this company is a MOVER FROM HELL. So much damages, they just DIDN'T CARE FOR YOUR STUFF. They must have just stuff everything as much as they can in the lorry. My classic furnitures, teak table, expensive decorations, paintings the list can go on. When i complained, he admitted that he wanted to rush everything. It was a BIG BIG BIG DISSAPOINTMENT. Ronny kept on saying that he already did extra things for us which in fact was just to cover for his mistakes, not anything extra. It has been 1 month from the date of our moving and we still discovered more damages. He did give discounts but to me but it was just not worth it since we have to spend much more for repair. I planned to file a complain at the Consumer Tribunals since I still have all the pictures of how they packed my items. This is so that nobody will go through what we have been through.

Sheryl Tan almost 3 years ago

Professional movers! All furniture were wrapped using blanket/bedsheet on top of bubble wrap! Workers are friendly and didn't mind doing little bit of extra work. Also tried to squeeze in additional items into the lorry to avoid second trip. Definitely recommended. Thanks Rony for making my move less stressful!

VISTA MEX (002600154-D) replied:

Dear Ms.Sheryl Tan Thanks for hiring & giving us a chance to serve you. And the valuable time you took to review us. Best regards from VIsta Mex Team

Adam almost 3 years ago

Movers were very fast and efficient. Pricing structure is a lot more straightforward.

VISTA MEX (002600154-D) replied:

Dear Mr.Adam Thanks for hiring & giving us a chance to serve you. And the valuable time you took to review us. Best regards from VIsta Mex Team

Catharine about 3 years ago

Service was excellent. No extra charges. Rony did the pre-moving survey on his own and we were pleasantly surprised that he was on-site to supervise the entire move on actual moving day. Communication pre-moving were clear and reliable.Rony was also very responsive to our queries. The workers were hardworking, professional and fast. They wrapped everything carefully and was skillful in moving all items, big or small. Highly recommended.

VISTA MEX (002600154-D) replied:

Dear Ms.Catharine Thanks for hiring & giving us a chance to serve you. And the valuable time you took to review us. Best regards from VIsta Mex Team

Mr.Wong joy about 3 years ago

I worked in property management for over 12 years and have had nothing but wonderful experiences with this company/franchise. They always give affordable quotes and excellent service. I have referred countless residents to them, and all have all been extremely satisfied with their services as VISTA MEX did my move were so awesome and professional! Their follow-up was amazing and I felt they truly cared! Thanks to all of you!!

VISTA MEX (002600154-D) replied:

VISTA MEX (002600154-D) Dear Mr.Wong joy Thanks for hiring & giving us a chance to serve you. And the valuable time you took to review us. Best regards from VIsta Mex Team

Azrina Amir over 3 years ago

Efficient service. Rony and his team were very helpful and accommodating.

VISTA MEX (002600154-D) replied:

Dear Azrina Amir Thanks for hiring & giving us a chance to serve you. And the valuable time you took to review us. Best regards from Sky-Max Relocations.

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