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Helper Plus
60 Reviews

  • Teo Yen Li
  • Damansara Perdana, 47820, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • 002540694-K

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About me

Hi All,
Helper Plus - on demand cleaning service provider based in Petaling Jaya. Our helpers are dedicated to their work, punctual, professional and we go the extra mile to provide the best service and experience to our valued customers at reasonable price and customization of package is always possible.
We look forward to providing you our best service as well as creating a clean and healthy environment for you and your loved ones!

My services

1) Residential, Moving Out, After Renovation, Thorough Cleaning

We provide a gamut of cleaning services that include top to bottom of your house, right from window sills to floor rugs so that your family can breathe fresh and live healthy. We wipe off the dust and microbes from every corner while the home-maker takes a well-deserved break.

2) Commercial Building

We can keep your employee work stations orderly and tidy by working odd hours that don’t affect your staff’s routine. We can handle everything from window to internal décor using advanced cleaning tools and equipment. Happy employees, happy customers!

3) Events

We can inspect your event venue way ahead of the d-day to suggest appropriate cleaning services. Our helpers will watch every detail so you don’t have to run around and your guests see a spotless backdrop.

4) Vacation Rental/ End of Lease Cleaning

Vacation Rental/ End of Lease cleaning is a service tailored to the needs of vacation rental hosts and property investors. The area of focus during these cleaning services is prepping your listing for the arrival of new guests. We will ensure your property is squeaky clean when your guests arrive and it is equally gleaming after they leave. With Helper Plus by your side, your vacation home is always ready-for-use.

5) Customized Package

Every premise is unique in its own way and needs a personalized treatment. You can call us over for an inspection and we could design a package that works for you. 

My achievements

- Perdana Exclusive Condo
- Armanee Terrace I & II
- Perdana View
-Metropolitan Square
- Uptown Residences
- Empire Residence
- Neo Damansara
- Tropicana Grande
- Ritz Perdana 1 & 2
- Riana Green
- Casa Tropicana
- Casa Indah
- Five Stones
- Surian Residence
- Tiffani Kiara
- Zenith Residence
Above are some (but not all) of the condominiums that we have provided our services to since Helper Plus was formed. Apart from those listed above, we are also actively involved in commercial cleaning, as well as landed properties cleaning. 

Reviews & Rating

Fast and clean..Great service! Highly recommended!


by Darina - 25 May 2017

they have issues with fulfilling customer's requests in getting houses cleaned every week. i think they do not have enough helpers. Yen Li has no customer service and refused to pick up calls or reply whatsapp, avoiding confront when there is issue


by Ms Chan - 20 Apr 2017

The work done by the maids are not too bad but it's not the same output and they send you different maids everytime. You do need to give them very exact directions, dont expect them to do a good job otherwise. But my biggest gripe is that the point of contact can actually ignore you until the very last minute and drop out while you're sitting at home stupidly waiting for them, not able to plan your day as you're just waiting for them! It's a very frustrating process and I would not waste my time with them in future unless they become more dependable.


by Erin - 12 Apr 2017

Didn't bring vacuum cleaner. Left the cobwebs unattended. Otherwise ok with floor, windows and furniture


by Dr Mohamed Roslan - 8 Mar 2017


by Shino - 1 Mar 2017

Maid was generally good. The fee was over and above what i am used to paying; almost 35 per cent more which was surprising


by asiah yusof - 22 Feb 2017

They doing great but maybe not enough time they missed to clean the toilet.


by Stanley Khan - 8 Feb 2017

1. Arrival time delay half an hour, but did offer RM30 discout upon settle the payment. 2. Clening cannot complete but did not inform properly instead just stop at the dot. 3. Most unsatisfied part ~ Cleaning not done properly, I requested DEEP cleaning for move in services but turn out just provide normal cleaning.


by 0192887983 - 6 Feb 2017

Our regular cleaner went on holiday hence we decided to source a temporary cleaner through Kaodim. Helper Plus was the cheapest (although more expensive than our regular one). The helper was on time. Efficient. Completed assigned tasks.


by Darina Kaur - 2 Feb 2017


by chis chen eng - 24 Jan 2017