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I'm Hanif. The Co-Founder of Mindtrick.xyz.
Mindtrick.xyz is our solution for Video Production.
Our competitive advantage is what borders between our skills and knowledge. To have the balance between the two is the most important thing in our business as well as for your business.
Think about it this way, you can hire some random Cinematographers, but do they all the cinematography techniques? Even if they do; are they fully aware of which method goes where, and how do you achieve the best results? Not every company has that knowledge, experience and skills to do what we do.
Hire us today.


We Make Videos. Corporate Videos, Post Productions, Special FX and more. Web developer.


Renowned Clients:

• Availo

• MyAsta

• Here’s the AVAILO concept done by us, 
Virtual to Physical Socialisation App
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kn9D0UoTtg (Corporate Video)

• Pre Wed video using AE template : https://vimeo.com/159193085

• MOTION GRAPHIC project that we’ve done: LimKokWing Fashion Club - Designed in Cyberjaya(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0MQiJNkFlY)



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Commercial Photography
Events Photography
Events Videography
Web Developer
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Atiqah Mokhtar over 3 years ago

Received prompt and reliable service from Hanif. It was overall a very smooth and fuss-free experience - we met up once to discuss what I wanted for the video and for Hanif to check out the location where we filmed, then met up once more to shoot the video. Hanif provided me the finished video about a week before my event in order for me to go through in case I wanted any tweaks, which were minimal. The end product was pretty much exactly what I was envisioning, and for the price I paid and overall quality of service, I was very, very happy with the result.

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