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PJ, 47650, Bandar Utama, Selangor

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About me

Fusion Music Studio is an authorized centre for Music for Intelligent Mind (MIM) course. www.seimpi-music.com.my

Our aim is to help our students to become a successful musician whereby not only will excel in music exams and also able to perform with other musicians by encouraging our students to join our orchestra band or rock band and that’s what music making all about!

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My services

Our Early Childhood Music Programme, Music for Intelligent Mind (MIM) is a program to enhance your child's IQ development and develop musical talent.

MIM program is available for infrants, toddlers and children.

We offer courses:

• Violin

• Viola

• Cello

• Piano

• Drum

• Guitar

We also provide:

• Piano Tuning

• Piano Moving

• Selling of Music Instruments

My achievements

All music classes are conducted by dedicated, experienced and qualified teachers.