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My name is Kyrie Azry. I am a Crossfit Coach at Fuel Prime Crossfit Shah Alam. I started Crossfit roughly about 2 years ago. During that time I was just a normal member, heading to the gym 5 days a week in the evening. Till one day, I got an offer from the Head Coach, Matin Nazir Johanabas, whether or not would like to join the fuel team and become a Coach. So I accepted the offer, and started my training immediately. It was not just about learning the proper movements, safely precautions, etc. Its about learning how to engage with your fellow members on a different communication level. They are not just your members, they are not just your friends, they are your family. Fuel Prime Crossfit is not your typical average gym, where you come in to train and go home and repeat the next day. We create bonds that you can't replicate anywhere else.  I believe that everyone has a place in fitness. Everyone has to start somewhere. 

Why should you hire me? 

I wanna help you accomplish your goals and visions in fitness. Whether its losing weight, or gaining muscles or just staying fit. We all could accomplish that, but sometimes we just need that little extra push to go the distance. My main mission is to see you walk out of the gym happy knowing that you can trust me to help you achieve that #bodygoals you're aiming for.


a) Personal Training 1 on 1 
- triple B ( bodyweight workouts ) 
- functional training ( strength and conditioning ) 
- olympic lifting  


Vince, 21, Damansara Heights 

Vince was my first ever client. He has Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
 (ADHD). In my mind, I was thinking," how am I gonna communicate with this boy ". I took the leap and started training him. His goals was to get bigger, muscular, and basically get a 6 pack. At first, it was very difficult to get his attention, but slowly it became much simpler. When you have a friend who has ADHD, you can't shout at them, force them to do things they don't want or annoy them. I trained him for about 5-6 months, he gained alot of lean muscle mass and got a whole lot stronger, Plus, it was difficult for him to lift heavy weights becuase he has a lower back problem, so we tried to focus more on technique and mobility first before trying to lift heavier weights. I stopped training him because I had to move to shah alam, so he is now being taken care of by one of the coaches back in Damansara heights. 

Choo, 42, Shah Alam 

Choo came in for a trial class a couple of months ago. He weights about 100+ kilos. His flexibility, balance, mobility, was all under developed. But he has the mental strength to push himself beyond. Thats what I really like about him. I offered him a free trial 1 to 1 session because I feel like he can push himself even more but because sometimes you feel challenged in a community class, especially when you see someone perform the workout like its too easy and what happens? You get demotivated. After 5-6 lesson, focusing on technique, mobility, and flexibility, he can finally do stretches that he couldn't have completed before during the first trial class. It's easier for him to squat now, after resetting his technique and mobility. Choo's goal it to loose weight and be fit. Thats all he wants, and he will get it in 5-6 months slowly! 


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