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We have more than 8 over years experience on aircond service include general aircond service, chemical wash service,installation,repair and maintenance.


Types of Aircon Services Ranging from simple Aircon servicing to Aircon overhaul, we offer all kinds of services and solutions that you need in order to ensure the maximum efficiency of your unit. With our Aircon services, you can maintain your air conditioner, increase its life and save energy, which in turn will allow you to remain safe from high-energy costs. As we offer complete Aircon servicing in Singapore, you do not have to look for additional companies once you contact us. Just let us know what exactly your need is and then sit back; we will manage it all for you. Complete Range of Aicon Services We offer all Aircon servicing including: Normal servicing. We service your air conditioner without causing any mess or discomfort to you. Our normal servicing is a powerful way to increase the performance of your unit. Parts replacement. We can help you replace all types of parts, ensuring the smooth working of your air conditioner. Troubleshooting. We have the expertise to troubleshoot air conditioners of different brands. Chemical servicing. We help you have chemical wash, helping you resolve any water leak issue and bad odor. It is a miraculous way to perk up the life of your air conditioner in a trouble free way. Aircon overhaul. We can help you increase the efficiency and life of your air conditioner with our quality Aircon overhaul service. Gas top up. We help you enjoy coolest and freshest indoor environment with our gas top up service. Normal servicing is essential at least once in 3 months. However, you must also remember that other than getting service to maintain your unit, you never know when you may need repair or other related Aircon services. We know that the needs of customers are diverse. That’s why we offer a complete variety of Aircon servicing that cater to the needs of people facing different air conditioning problems. No matter if you want to get your air conditioner’s efficiency checked or if you want simple service to ensure the optimum working of your unit, can do it all for you. Since you can find all kinds of Aircon services with us, you will be able to save much time. Feel free to contact us 24/7 and find out what we can do for. We will be more than pleased to help you guide in detail about our every service.



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