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Serving since April 2016
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Hi, i'm a nutritionist graduated from UKM, lean six sigma black belt experienced in leading lean improvement project and ISO 9001 certification including audit.Excellent interpersonal skill to engage HODs and key influencers to change while challenge them by aligning KPI with project goal. Able to cultivate "Lean" culture in organization.

- Ex-hospital QA dept HOD.Lean six sigma black belt experienced in leading kaizen improvement project & ISO 9001 certification from scratch.Excellent interpersonal skill to influence HOD and key influencer to change while challenge them by aligning KPI with daily task.Eager to cultivate "Lean" culture
- Having passion and enthusiasm in share my knowledge gained with student.
- Willing to go extra miles to help student achieve their target achievement, especially during critical period such as exam, without extra charges imposed.
- Strongly encourage two way interactive and correlation with real-life example teaching method as compared to traditional spoon feeding/memorizing method, as it had been proven to be ineffective in understanding and memorizing of knowledge conveyed.
- There is no silly question to me, i strongly encourage student to ask as many thing they do not understand as possible, this can improve their interest and understanding of the subject taught.


Freelance trainer for:
a) Primary and secondary school- Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Science, Biology, Chemistry, English, Malay, Mandarin.
b) Introduction to ISO 9001, 5S-More than a Housekeeping!, Kaizen: A Quick and Effective Improvement Event, Lean Management System Implementation, Root Cause Analysis- Systematic Approach to problem solving, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
c) Fitness trainer cum nutriton consultant service, having more than 4 years of fitness/weight training experience



Steering ISO 9001 certification journey in specialist hospital, including baseline gap analysis, planning to close the gap, implementation, weekly project status update and stakeholder engagement activities, internal audit, root cause analysis session to close all NC and external audit

Achievement 2

Spent around 4.5 hours to facilitate Management team and on-site operator to perform a Gemba Kaizen in semi assembly room, brainstorm layout redesign to reduce transportation/motion waste and implement kanban system to eliminate the problem of overproduction.

Tools Utilized: Gemba Kaizen, 5S, Kitting and tooling at assembly point, Kanban system, Yamazumi chart plotting

Result: i)   All the overproduced part, extra tools and jigs including table and trolley was
                 return to store and pass to area of shortage. Originally "small" assembly area in
                 the end become spacious
            ii)  Only 1 day piece part and tools was ready in the area (Just-In-Time) to prevent 
                 overproduction, while progress of production can be visually monitor from time to
                 time (Visual management)
            iii) Actual daily output was plotted against daily planned output (Yamazumi chart) so 
                 that the bottleneck station can be identified and have a lean project on it
            iv) The inventory level reduced from 1 week to only 1 day inventory, so that any theft
                 or left out assembly part quality issue can be detected immediately
            v)  The tools and piece part needed was organized at point of use- transportation 
                  reduced from 219 steps to 121 steps per day (45% improvement)

Achievement 3

Implement Hit rate monitoring by setting up Yamazumi chart to identify bottleneck in whole manufacturing process flow, which leads to lean projects to lean down the bottleneck station.

Achievement 4

Initiating and leading tools and piece part kitting project in product semi-assembly area, leads to reducing daily waiting time of 34 minutes to 2 minutes.

Achievement 5
Revamp 5S implementation by assign 5S PIC for each section and arrange weekly 5S schedule (1.5 hours weekly covering sorting, set in order and shine)


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