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Fitness Delivery (FitD) is a Fitness Delivery service that bring our Fitness Trainer to your doorsteps to help and motivate you for exercise, maintaining fitness level, minimize of chances of getting injury in order to achieve your fitness goal in a shortest time.

Training Location: Condo Gym, Condominium, Local Gym, Park or Garden, House and Empty Space

We Offer:
1 on 1 Personal Training
Group Training
Weight Loss Training
Muscle Building Training
Nutrition Guidelines


Fitness Delivery (FitD) started with one goal in mind: to be the most convenient fitness delivery service in the country. We believe fitness is a pleasure and fitness delivery should be a fast and fun experience.

More convenient: We deliver Fitness Trainer to your house to achieve your fitness goal in a shortest time. We will bring exercise equipment to our client. For example, Dumbbell, yoga mat, resistance band, etc.

Save time: We deliver Fitness Trainer to your house, condo gym, garden, park or even an empty space to guide and motivate you for exercise.

More area: Fitness Delivery is available in Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. For others, we are using virtual training. For example, Zoom or video call. So, we can help our client even from other state or country.

More than just Fitness Delivery: We also provide nutrition guideline, injury prevention, rehabilitation and sport performance goal to our client.


Client 1
Fitness Goal : Reduce Body Weight (kg) and Body fat (%)
Body Weight : 100.6kg to 73.9kg in just 3 months (Reduced 26.7kg)
Body Fat : 47.2% to 38% (Reduced 9.2%)

Client 2
Fitness Goal : Reduce Body WEight (kg) and Body Fat (%)
Body Weight : 103kg to 75kg in just 7 months (Reduced 28kg)
Body Fat : 48% to 31% (Reduced 17%)

Client 3
Fitness Goal : Stay Heath and Reduce Knee Pain
Age : 72 Years Old
The pain reduced after just 1 week of Training



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