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Fitness, Customized!
5 Reviews

  • Bradley Lim
  • Setia Alam, 40170, Shah Alam, Selangor
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About me

My name is Bradley Lim, and I'm the sole proprietor of Fitness, Customized!
Fitness has always been a passion of mine. Having worked as a fitness coach since 2009 at BodyExpress Fitness Club (BXFC)

and as a freelance trainer for hire, I started "Fitness, Customized!
" to leverage the clientele that seek professional coaching via the web.
Formally, I graduated with Bsc (Hons) Psychology

from Sunway University, validated by Lancaster University, UK. 
In the fitness scene, I am certified under CrossFitz Level 1
 and Spartanz Level 1
 from BXFC. I am also certified by ACE

Personal Trainer certificate and Corrective Exercise Specialist

I was featured in NewMan magazine

(December 2014) as well

(Volume 2), whereby I share my unique philosophy of training and nutrition in each publication. 
My clients appreciate my patience and attentiveness to details when it comes to coaching. Every individual is unique
, and I put a lot of effort into designing a training program to fit not only to their unique body types, but also their distinct lifestyles.
The fitness industry is very progressive. As a professional I make it a point to constantly update myself with the latest research and information in strength, conditioning, performance, nutrition to be able to best help clients achieve specific fitness goals. 
I subscribe to paid research reviews, pay for courses, pay for books to upgrade myself as a coach to better serve people; to be able to squat that extra 15lb, to be able to lose that extra ounce of stubborn body fat, to be able to reach overhead without compromising shoulder health, to be able to alleviate a kyphotic posture.
My relationship with my clients extend out of the gym. I continuously find ways to convince my clients on the simple things, like eating more protein, drinking more water, going to bed on time, getting uninterrupted sleep. I provide e-mail support to fitness related questions a client may come across.


My services

I specialize in Strength training

. Regardless of goals, whether one is male or female, getting stronger is a priority that is often undermined in the training of majority out there.
Strength training remains a large part of my personal training sessions, and they are adjusted to fit a clients’ goal of either:

• 1. Fat Loss

• 2. Muscle Gain

• 3. Re-composition (Muscle gain and Fat Loss)

• 4. Postural Restoration

• 5. Cardiovascular Improvement

Apart from training sessions, I provide dietary set-up and exercise programming (for clients' self-training) to achieve their fitness goals. 
I offer a Trial
training/ consultation session to allow clients to decide whether we are “compatible” before forming a client-trainer relationship. Fitness should be your choice.

I am based in Canopy Club, Eco Park Setia Alam, contracted as a freelance coach. If you reside in Setia Alam Eco Park, head over to the front counter of Canopy Club and enquire about my training packages.

The nature of my contract also allows me to approach clients outside of the clubhouse; I train clients in Petaling Jaya, Mont Kiara, Bangsar, Damansara area too. I carry a kit of essential equipment, sufficient to carry out a productive training, for clients without access to a gym.

My achievements

1. 8TV Eve's Diary Feature on Lower Body Exercises

Speaker at "Unveil Your True Colour" event by Elken

3. Speaker at Setia Alam Canopy Club Fitness Campaign 2015

4. Bootcamp instructor for Herbalife and SP Setia

Reviews & Rating


by Apple Ng Keng Ee - in Mid Valley City - 14 Mar 2016


by Sheena F - in Section U13, Setia Alam, Shah Alam - 9 Mar 2016

Things I liked about Bradley: 1. He puts a lot of emphasis on the body's posture as he is a posture specialist. The knowledge extends to not just the proper posture while doing workouts, as he pointed out that my spine arches more than normal. During a set he would talk to me to adjust my posture, position, and the way I'm doing a workout to ensure it is real proper. 2. He takes time to discuss the workouts with you, what muscle areas it targets, and properly shows it to you how it is done. He will not tire to repeat things if necessary, as I found out. 3. He puts his client's concern at the forefront. For instance, when I felt a slight twinge on my hamstrings, we immediately stopped the workout and he inspected it. 4. He also has knowledge in sports massage, in between workouts he applied a bit of a massage and found out that some of my muscles were quite tense. 5. He has the physique, which is naturally needed in this otherwise superficial industry (other colleagues were asking who he was) 6. He will have no qualms in answering whatever questions you have. Just ask away and he'll be more than glad to assist, as I think he is genuinely interested in his client's fitness journey. Things that I think Bradley could improve on: 1. His rate is the highest out of the comparisons I got here. Yes, he provides a bit more than the normal Personal Trainer (e.g. whey protein after workout, being a posture specialist and provides some sports massage), but at the end of the day with limited resources one would have to weigh whether the added extras are worth the amount. Personally, if I had the resources, I wouldn't think twice to hire him. Thank you for your time and effort, Bradley!


by Azmir Jani - in KL City - 17 Nov 2015

Price was a bit high but worth it as he drives to your place. You may come across certain personal trainers with bad physique and can't do workouts properly; Bradley is definitely not one of them. His physique sets a role example to his clients and his professionalism and expertise would get you into the right track to achieving your fitness goals.


by Ian - in Sunway Damansara - 24 Jul 2015

Very fast and efficient way


by Manuel - in KL City - 10 Jun 2015

Thank you for the feedback Manuel! Keep up the good work!

by Fitness, Customized! - 6 Jul 2015