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Hello everyone ☺, 

I'll start off with introducing myself before i go into anything else :). My name is Muhammad Firdaus, i am 23 years old and i grow up in Rawang. I am now taking my Degree in Education and Counselling
. For those who do not know me, people find me being as the 'joker' in the group. I'm definitely not the shy serious type.I have 2 years experience working with the very well known 
Dato' Dr. Hj. Mohd. Fadzilah bin Kamsah.
I am a facilitator at his programs which probably is why i tend to be very good with kids. 
I have been tutoring since i was 18 and i have enjoyed every second of it. I have a very deep interest in making a difference in people towards their studies, especially 'Sejarah
;. We all know how boring that subject is, but actually it isnt. I am here to help and guide you in every step of the way in terms of studies and self confidence. 
Not only do i enjoy teaching Sejarah, i also do motivational talks
  for schools all around KL. I must say that i am proud of my work that i have done towards these past few years. If you have any more questions do not hestitate to contact me at the number given on this page. 

TQ!! ☺


i mainly would like to offer Sejarah Lessons
for students from SK to SMK. (Standard 4 until Form 5). 
I normally give a minimum of 2 hours every class and would really love a weekday schedule as I also have to stabilise with my company's schedule. In terms of the pricing/ monthly fee, i charge RM 50/ Hour, but it also depends on how the class will be (for e.g. Groups/ Individual). Students/ Parents may choose wether they want the class to be in a group or one-to-one but i personally find group tuitions are best as students can learn from one another, and they will have that 'inner' competition between themselves which makes the work extra faster. 
All the notes will be prepared and provided by myself. I tend to be more comfortable using my own notes, own words, own pictures and etc, I find it to be much more easier for me and the students to understand more in depth rather than always reffering to textbooks. Every week, each student will get a complete note for each chapter along with exercises, activities and games, online/ offline.
In terms of tuition lessons, i am also capable of teaching UPSR Maths. I find maths to be very interesting and i find myself to have a very unique skills in remembering & also understanding formulas and i would very much love to share it with you guys! 


In the past, i have been tutoring for Standard 6 UPSR students for their Sejarah. I loved the kids and their parent's feedback regarding the notes that i did seem to be very helpful. 
Besides from tutoring, i was also doing motivational talks. Started off being a side income activity, but ended up being my very own company.  God knows how grateful i am. The first 'talk' i had was at my very own school. The school that i grew up in for 5 YEARS. It was pretty nervewrecking at first, from being a students and ended up being a person on stage giving motivational talks for the students (juniors). 
Continued to do talks for schools around KL and in Rawang. All the activites, i have placed all at one page: 

Check em' out here:

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