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No.21-23, Jalan UP3/5, De Puncak Ukay, Ukay Perdana, 68000, Ampang, Selangor

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About me

EZ Maid Cleaning & Services Is In Business Of Providing Cleaning Services For Residential And Commercial Cleaning Sectors In Malaysia. We Provide A Professional Cleaning Services And Quality Of Services is Our Priority. As A Company In Cleaning Industries, We Realize That Ability To Respond And Adapt To Changes Is Vital. As Such, We Will Continually Strive To Provide The Best Cleaning Exprience To All Our Customers.


“Quality Service For Quality Customers".


To Ensure That Our Customers Get the Best Service & Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority.


To Add Value Other People's Lives by Providing Professional Cleaning Services for All Types of Cleaning Services ( Residential & Commercial ).


1) All of EZ Maid teams has undergone The British Institute of Cleaning Science

( BICs ), London certification & training.

2) All of our team has undergone our extensive EZ Maid operation & customer service training.

3) Our years of hard work in cleaning industry have given us a clear understanding on customer / client need & professional delivery.

4) Our Standard Operation Procedure [ S.O.P. ] will protect the security & belongings of both customer & EZ Maid team.

​5) Our tools & equipment & machine are industrial use product,not household product. It's make our services is more efficient, clean and fast ( Karcher Brand and Singing Rock ) IRATA International.

6) We use 20 type of cleaning chemical ( Floor Cleaner, Toilet cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Mosaic Cleaner, Oil Cleaner, Stainless Steel Cleaner, Furniture Cleaner, Multipurpose Cleaner, Cement Cleaner, Paint remover, Multi surface Cleaner, Metal Polish, Multi stone Cleaner, Granite Cleaner, Heavy duty Cleaner, Vinegar, Detergent, Steel Cleaner, Turpentine, Thinner ).

7) 24 / 7 Service, door to door service ( Mobile Team ).

8) No GST, No Hidden Charge, No Transport Charge, No Extra Charge.

9) Our cleaning detergent and cleaning is 99% safe, we got cert from S.I.R.I.M.

10) We got certified consultant in every our service ( Landscaper, Interior Designer, Contractor, Chemist, Legal Advisor, Electrican, Plumber, etc. ).

11) 24 hour satisfaction guarantee ( you can call us after we settle our job if u have something to request / comment / etc ) T&C apply.

12) Cleaning by expert.

13) Leave the areas hygienic.

14) We believe in Quality Service will makes us success in this industries at 2017.

YouTube: EZ Maid Cleaning & Services.

Facebook: EZ Maid Cleaning Services.

Instagram: #ezmaidcleaningservices

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My services

1) After Renovation Cleaning Service.

2) Thorough / Total Cleaning Service.

3) Move In / Out Cleaning Service.

4) Samak / Sertu Service ( Before Move In Cleaning ) HATPR.

5) House Cleaning Service ( General cleaning, Thorough cleaning, Weekly and Bi-weekly

    package ).

6) Office Cleaning Service ( One time service, Weekly and Bi-weekly package ).

7) Initial Cleaning ( New Building ).

8) Commercial Cleaning Service ( Office, Factory, Mall, Show unit, Sales Galery ).

9) Part Time Maid.

10) High Pressure Water Cleaning.

11) Event Cleaning Service ( Eg. Grand Opening Ceromony ).

12) Sign board Cleaning.

13) Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning.

14) Sofa Cleaning Service :

    - Leather & Fabric.

15) Contract Cleaning Service ( Full Time Cleaner ).

16) Housekeeping Service :

​    - Mall, Factory, Condominium, Apartment, Hotel, Hostel, etc.

17) High Rise Cleaning Service: IRATA International (Singing Rock Brand).

​    - External Window and External Facade.

18) Spring Cleaning ( Hari Raya, CNY, Depavali, etc.).

19) Scrubbing :

    - Tiles, Cement, Mosaic.

20) Polishing :

    - Marble, Granite, Parquet, Timber.

21) Air Conditioner Cleaning Service ( Air con repair & service).

22) Landscaping Service :

    - Outdoor wood work, Garden Design, Pergola, Gazebo, Water features,

      Wooden Furniture, Timber supply, Fish Pond Maintenance.

23) Tea Lady (Wedding, Kenduri, etc.).

24) Party / Event Clean Up (Party).

25) Swimming Pool Cleaning Service.

26) Telephone Service.

27) Supply Manpower.

28) Mover Service.

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My achievements

We have Contract Cleaning & Landscaping Service & ​A LOT After Renovation & Move In Cleaning exprience.

1) Damai 206@Embassy Row Condominium Jalan Ampang KL,Contract Cleaning & Landscaping (Daily Service) for 1 year, Benz & Carlton Sdn.Bhd. Dato A.Nathan & Mr.Alaric.

2) Sales Gallery and Show Unit Contract Cleaning (Daily Service),Lion Group Properties at Bandar Mahkota Cheras. Ms.Soo & Mr.Nick.

3) Malabar Gold & Diamond 53th Outlet in Malaysia (Masjid Jamek Kuala Lumpur),Commercial Cleaning After Renovation & Event Clean Up after Grand Opening Ceromony invited Bollywood actress "Kareena Kapoor" and a lot of VVIP. Mr.Shamsudeen Assistant branch head Malaysia & Singapore Malabar Gold & Diamond.

4) After Renovation & Through Cleaning & Mover Service for Lion Group Company (properties developer company) Show unit at "Sunstone" Link House Unit & "Pearl Villa" Bungalow Unit at Bandar Mokkota Cheras,Ms.Soo Lion Group Officer.

4) Innitial Cleaning & Contract cleaning 1 year at Damai 206@Embassy Row (Exclusive Condo),Mr.Alaric CEO Benz & Carlton Sdn.Bhd.

5) Move in/out Cleaning at Altitude 206 Condominium Cheras (exclusive 1800sqft Condo) Cheras Madam Jess and Mr.Chong (Fully furnish house).

6) Move in/out Cleaning at Setia Sky Resident ​Kuala Lumpur (exclusive 2200sqft condo), Dato Sabri (Fully Furnish House).

7) After Renovation Cleaning at Armanee Condo Damansara (1800sqft Duplex Condo), Madam Noor Aini & Mr.Norman.

8) Move In Cleaning at The Capers Sentul KL, Madam Aishah. 

9) House Cleaning weekly package at Vistana Residence KL, Mr.Kanna.

10) After Renovation and Move In Cleaning, 5400sqft Semi-D,The Valley Bukit Indah Ampang. Madam Jess.

11) After Renovation and Move In Cleaning, Jalan Mozart Cyberjaya 3600 Semi-D. Mr.Amir Rashid.

12) Commercial Cleaning & Move In Cleaning at Bawang Cafe Jalan Taiping off Jalan Pahang KL,Madam Uma.

13) ....

14) ....

15) ...more than thousand.....

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Ratings & reviews

  • "Price is reasonable among other quotes, with no time limit, service until done. Team of 5, professional & helpful in cleaning where extra attention is needed. Though many areas was missed out, they were quick to clean where you point them to. I'd rate them 80% thorough. "

    byValerie Chong -18 Oct 2016Moving Out, After Renovation, Thorough Cleaning inCheras
  • "EZ Maid Cleaning had done a good job in the cleaning. They worked extra miles to ensure that my requirements are met, including putting extra hours with the price that they had agreed earlier. The supervisor (not sure if he is the boss :-)) was there to monitor throughout the entire cleaning process. Told them that I do not want to go through the headache of cleaning the house at all when we moved in to the place that we previously tenanted to others. They had met my expectation with triple cleaning! They even scrubbed away all the rusty taps, water pipes, and make sure no dust is kept in the mosquitoes netting. We can just move in our luggages and sleep in now! Price is also reasonable. Highly recommended to all! "

    byCharlotte Lim -13 Oct 2016Moving Out, After Renovation, Thorough Cleaning inTaman Desa, Kuala Lumpur
  • "They are friendly and professional to "kaodim" my problem. And they arrive before the confirmed time. They helped me to clean lots of tiny things left from my contractor by using different chemical & detergant. And also educate me how to maintain my house. It's worth for what've I paid and definitely will contact them again! "

    byLee -06 Oct 2016Moving Out, After Renovation, Thorough Cleaning inJalan Ipoh
  • "Great job for initial cleaning - the team made sure to alert me of scratches/marks/faults left from renovation works that could only be seen after thorough cleaning. Polite and professional throughout."

    byChong -03 Oct 2016Moving Out, After Renovation, Thorough Cleaning inBandar Sri Damansara
  • "The price was very reasonable for the work done. Highly recommended. No hassle of providing them with equipment and detergents. Very professional cleaners. Tom was very particular of the end result. Will continue the service with them. "

    byNanthini -26 Sep 2016Moving Out, After Renovation, Thorough Cleaning inKelana Jaya, Ss7, Petaling Jaya
  • "Very timely and committed to their works. Very good job done and very detailed. I would definetly recommend their services."

    byGwen Goh -21 Sep 2016Moving Out, After Renovation, Thorough Cleaning inTaman Bukit Utama
  • "I am pleased with their services. Punctual, professional and polite. Tailors their cleaning & price to your needs. I will definitely hire them again."

    byAmaleena azman -13 Sep 2016Moving Out, After Renovation, Thorough Cleaning inPetaling Jaya
  • "They come earlier than promised , they check inside & outer part thoroughly first to reconfirm whether we noticed the damage and the broken items .. not much too say but their job more than what i expected , price is ok and definitely worth it . Thank you so much Mr Tom & Teams. Recommended ! "

    byNorlela -23 Feb 2016Moving Out, After Renovation, Thorough Cleaning inShah Alam
  • byRen -12 Feb 2016House Cleaning inWangsa Maju
  • "I am very satisfied with the services provided by EZ Maid Cleaning & Services. They were on time and worked throughout my apartment in a systematic manner. They didn't rush to complete the job and cleaned my place thoroughly."

    byAi Ling -14 Jan 2016Moving Out, After Renovation, Thorough Cleaning inMont Kiara