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53, SS19/4, 47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor

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About me

In this globalised world, the English language is the primary medium of communication. At Everything English, we pride ourselves on taking on any and all assignments related to the English language. 

We provide translating services from Bahasa Malaysia to English or vice versa.

We also offer coaching and tutoring services to clients looking to improve their proficiency of the English Language.

Feel free to call Mr Benjamin at 017-2728310 for more information

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My services

We provide any and all services related to the English Language. Feel free to contact us for more details of services provided.

  1. English language coaching to both children and adult by a dedicated tutor​
  2. Preparing candidates for interviews.
  3. Translation from Bahasa Malaysia to English or vice versa.
  4. Writing services i.e. speeches, resumes etc
  5. Training candidates on a one-to-one basis in order to improve spoken command of English i.e. presentation skills, interview skills and social skills
  6. Training candidates in order to improve their writtten command of the English language i.e. answering exam questions, preparing assignments and etc

My achievements

Strong command of English language i.e. certified score of 8.5 over 9.0 for IELTS
Tutors are graduates from Australian Universities.