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ServisClean Cleaning Solutions

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  • Erika Jasson
  • B-13-16, Jalan Setia Dagang AH U13/AH, 40170, Shah Alam, Selangor
  • 1201732-M

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About me

Specialist in providing cleaning service for both residential & commercial alike. We will make sure your premise is squeaky clean- guaranteed!

My services

Our service includes but not limited to:

1. Regular house cleaning.
2. Spring cleaning.
3. Package cleaning service.
4. Part time maid.
5. Total commercial cleaning solutions.
6. Commercial landscaping and exterior beautification maintenance.

My achievements

We currently one of the famous provider of cleaning solution in Setia Alam, Shah Alam, & PJ with outstanding positive feedback as our staffs work with professional equipment and regular training.

Reviews & Rating

satisfied on 1st service


by Mardhiyah Kamal - House Cleaning - 4 days ago

The admin staff is ok, update me before arrival of maids. But aftr two visits a new pair of maids were sent without prior notice. I have to retrain and explain what is expected n where to clean. But the new pair are not trained in cleaning toilets, bedrooms or living rooms. No supervisors came with maids on first visit or with the new pair. I may terminate the companys services and another with get fully trained Can you assist me on this?


by Sharifah Naimah - - over 2 years ago

Hired a maid 3 times weekly from Euzmo for a month and was told to pay in full cash after the first maid session, which I did. The second session the agent called saying the same maid couldn't come and they will replace with another maid (had to teach the maid all over again). 3rd session went on with the same initial maid but she came in 5 mins late and went back 30 minutes early without even telling me. This is an hourly paid session so please make use of every minute paid. I told the agent and they assured me that it will not happen again. But just a day after and before going for a 4th session, the agent texted me saying that they have staffing problem and could not send in any maid anymore and promised to refund the balance that I paid. 2 days after the message, no refund received and the agent did not bother to even reply the message anymore (but it was read!). Complaint send to Kaodim and Kaodim called me and said the agent had refunded the money but it was interbank and will take 2 days to clear (it's 2017 helllooo interbank payment can clear the same day!). After making noises on the 3rd day afternoon I received a message from the agent saying that refund has been transferred, just minutes before via maybank2u! So the agent lied to Kaodim so much that the refund has been transferred and probably did not even bother to refund back of not because I made a complaint to Kaodim. Don't waste your time and money. This is untrusted agent. The maids provided weren't even good to begin with.


by Molina Mohd Nor - - almost 3 years ago

Splendid work. Will call agaim in the future



by Jason Lee - - almost 3 years ago

I have experienced a better quality of work from another service provider, but having that said, I'm quite satisfied with their quality of work. Professional wise – not quite there yet. The workers address me too informally, however their superior (Ina) who I have been communicating with has been very professional, polite, cooperative and easy to deal with. I hired them to come to my house once a week, laundry services included – wash, iron, fold. They have been reliable. They provide me with two workers, for four hours. I find their price to be reasonable.


by Dina Almashoor - - almost 3 years ago

Very good and pleased with their cleaning service. Keep it up!



by May - - almost 3 years ago

Great service, pleasant operator.



by Sophea Haris - - almost 3 years ago

Cleaners are not fully focus during cleaning process. Only clean certain area when supervised otherwise will skip some area. If cleaners know their own job and task as told then we can worry less.


by ee von - - almost 3 years ago

Hello Ms Ee Von, We take our cleaner discipline in our client's house very seriously and we did not know until you tell us here. We truly regret that we unable to fix it on the day we service your house since no complaint was recorded on the event. We will do our level best to maintain our quality by polishing our maid's ability to fulfil our customer requests. We hope to hear from you soon. We apologize for our mistake and will improvise in the future. Thank you.

by ServisClean Cleaning Solutions - 16 Feb 2017

2 cleaners worked well. Clean and thorough cleaning of all places, including toilet. Very happy with their service so far.



by LOH SEE YING - - almost 3 years ago

Hi Ms Loh See Ying, Thank you so much for such a great review! We hope to make things better every time for everyone.

by ServisClean Cleaning Solutions - 16 Feb 2017

I don't have any experience with this providers cause no more slot for me on that day but this providers was very friendly and polite..


by Zarina zaman - - almost 3 years ago

Hi Ms Zarina, We are terribly sorry for not able to give you any slot available, but we still would want to assist you in the future. I will make arrangement with the booking team so we may further assist you with your request. Thank you for your kind word for us, it gives us motivation to keep giving the best for all our customer.

by ServisClean Cleaning Solutions - 1 Feb 2017