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19, Jalan Gottlieb, 10350, Georgetown, Penang

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About me

Designing & crafting bespoke spaces from Penang & beyond,​since 1992. 

Ethnic is a well-established home decor brand in Penang since 1992 where it’s started with retailing furniture. Later expanded to Interior Design services that provides creative and style design services to residential and commercial space throughout Penang and Malaysia. We are also specialized in retailing of classical and wood furniture.

Ethnic ID started with Ethnic Furnishing Centre Sdn Bhd in 1995. It all started with a 500sq meter shop front at the Axis Complex, with initial ID offerings such as kitchen and home designs.

Our startup as an Interior Design company was greatly encouraged and supported by our long presence of over 50 years in the home interior realm. As Ethnic Furnishing Centre Sdn Bhd grows over the years, we gradually divert from home interior to general interior designs and renovations. We start to design for factories, offices and many other commercial projects.

In 2002, Ethnic is renamed into Ethnic ID Sdn Bhd in an effort to become a more prominent interior design company in Penang.

Our management team has a separate furnishing division running in parallel to support our interior design operations such that we are able to provide beyond ID, such as offering a vast library of ready-made contemporary, modern or even antique furniture to our clients and bundling them with our projects at an exclusively affordable price.

Given our long presence, we are connected with famous manufacturers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Malaysia. As such, our furnishing team is able to help our clients to select their desired piece of furniture.

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My services


Professional consulting, design & build services for your exclusive space.


Ethnic ID has been pioneering the Interior Design scene in Penang for the past decades and currently still hold strong as one of the most reputable design firm. We strive to provide the best creativity solutions for your home and commercial spatial needs. Ethnic creates space that set a standard for design, comfort and function.


Ethnic undertakes a variety of domestic residential and commercial construction jobs of all sizes, from constructing to refurbishment. We are able to implement a job from inception through final completion that we pride ourselves on delivering quality products on time and within budget whilst working closely with our clients at all times.


Our team of experienced project managers, designers and technicians are able to take charge of the entire and complete process to propose and build to the highest quality standards, at the same time bringing you in on budget and to meet your expectations.


We specialize in retailing classical (Chinese antique and Western’s) furniture as well as wood and outdoor furniture. Our furniture are assembled from high quality imported wood, mainly teak wood. These classical and wood furniture will definitely suit your styles. We are your 1-stop classical and wood furniture specialist in Penang.

Other than that, other furniture that we sell includes:

  • Mattresses
  • Pillow
  • Custom-Made
  • Modern & Contemporary Set (via Catalogue)
  • Built-in
  • Contract Furniture (via Catalogue)
  • Restaurant Furniture (via Catalogue)

My achievements

Sherreen GohGreat quality, the design is amazing, with a qualified interior designer, they are able to provide one stop solution to my new house.

Ng Huei GimGreat team with good design solution. Most importantly, their service is superb ! Thumbs up !

Apple Ye Great designer & superb quality, recommended for other home owners like us!

Ng Soon SenBrilliant idea! Perfect customer service, love it so much. Thank you

William NgReasonable price and excellent service ! Highly recommended

Alvin NgTheir team is very helpful in solving my home renovation problem! Thanks!

Arron LimMr Chan is very cheerful and helpful in the process.