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About ENI:
ENiMaids is one of the pioneers in Part-Time Maid Services. Formed and operating under ENI INT. S/B. It is part of the ENI Brand, a Full Time  Maids Licensed Company. Our efforts mirrored Government of Malaysia's initiatives to ease Rakyats need for Domestic Helpers on partime basis. But one that is reliable in helping and can be entrusted to your home.

 We like to be viewed as a boutique Maids Agency and we will tailored to your needs. After all we are here for you. Talk to us to find out how we can truly serve you best. Try us once to see how we are different from others out-there, practically. In fact we have high conversion rate from one-time user to full-time client!

Our vision is to be the best in the Industry.

We have two major service areas, they are:

1. Part-time Maids Services and; 

2. Cleaning Services

The fundamental differences are: the type of work done, job requirements and intensity, and ultimately job costing. 

PART TIME MAIDS help you in household chores and rudimentary cleaning, cooking, washing etc. This allowed you to focus on more material family needs, leaving minor but important functional areas that we can't escaped, to us. Thus ensuring your household is run efficiently, yet still maintain the 'perfect' cleaniness level you desired.
THE CLEANER/ HELPER functions on focus areas such as pre/post event help-out, after renovation clean-up, spring cleaning, regular office cares, pre-openning tidy-up. This will let us look after your 'property' and work areas, leaving it tidy, neat, clean and without compromising your private work in progress. 

ENI MAIDS 》》》We are reliable and experienced and most impotantly, trurstworthy!

To date we have helped (and still serving) out numerous renovators, exhibitors (Mines, KLCC, ) and some, on long term contractual cleaning. 

Where we provide services, our helpers are trained to:
1. Achieved high standard of services: each and everytime, all the time, mood    inconsequential.
2. Earned your trust: while we are at your place, your peace of mind is important to us.
3. Conscientious in effort: take orders responsibly and project image of professionalism. Helped maintain your place to your instructions.
4. Give value to money: timed to action orientated, work in prescribed manner and progressing in orderly fashion.
5. Courteous in servitude: only good manners are acceptable, regardless of situation.

Gladly To Be Of Service,
Jeremy JP
016 60 900 61


Our Scope and Services:
Our services (further info on works scope allowed are as per outlined in our Service Agreement) are:
1. Regular scheduled home care.
2. Regular Contracted Office care.
3. FESTIVITIVE spring cleaning.
4. Renovation/Construction: prepatory planning and post clean up.
5. Event/promotion manning.
6. Party helper and clean up master.
7. Customized job, talk to us!


1. ENI regularly partnering contractors, renovators, and exhibitors as part of year long projects. Past Projects including Mines, MAEPS, KLCC. We also servicing places of worship such as TEMPLE, CHURCH. These places demand high level of cleaniness testified our high standard of services rendered.
2. 85% of our clientele are permanently scheduled, showed our mettle.
4. For the record, statistically, 90% of potential customers became permanently scheduled clients after first-time engagement. They now represent 85% our clients base.
5. ENI is an ethical based company that practised equal employment opportunity in Malaysia. We used a combination of local and foreign workers whenever possible.



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