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English Champ was founded in 2001 and has been providing quality English education to students since. We focus on learning through fun and emphasise on creativity and interaction. We believe that the learning process should be encouraged, utilising materials that cover a wide scope of the English language to provide variety and substance in our teaching.
Our dedicated staff of teachers have many years of experience teaching all walks of life. They have attuned to the characteristics of different age groups and will apply different techniques and methods to make sure their students enjoy the process of learning.


We offer full pre-school programmes for children aged 2 to 5; and English programmes for children from 2 to 17 years.
Teaching Methods: Learning through fun and nurturing environment
Facilities: Library and Wifi
Transportation service: Available upon request
Our Mission Statement
Combining the methods of teaching with the skills of learning. We respect each child’s unique learning styles and hone their skills by developing their strengths and strengthening their weaknesses
Our Objectives
To promote language competence i.e. the ability to read, write and communicate effectively with confidence, purpose and enjoyment. Once a child enjoys doing what he or she does, learning becomes natural. From here, we will guide the child to gain confidence in reading, writing and communicating.
Many activities are included in our programme to achieve the objectives. These activities focus on the development of all four skills of the language – speaking, listening, reading and writing:
We promote the growth of four areas of the language: - speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
Our features:-
We offer a loving and nurturing environment for the children
Dedicated and friendly teachers
International and up-to-date materials
Free library access
Safe and clean surroundings

English Enrichment Programmes
English enrichment programmes for children ages 2 to 17 include all the four skills -- reading, writing, speaking and listening. We use age appropriate materials with the elements of music and movement for younger children while the older children are taught speaking and listening skills through Speech & Drama activities. Below are lists of our programmes and the general age groups:-
Baby Champ for ages 2-3
Little Champ for ages 4-6
Junior Champ for ages 7 to 12
Magnificent Champ for ages 13 to 17
Champ Writers for ages 8 to 16
Prior to admission, an assessment will be provided for your child to ascertain his/ her level. Please call to set an appointment for a free assessment.
International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS)
We are an authorised school to hold the yearly International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) by the University of New South Wales Global Australia for English, Writing, Mathematics, Science and Computer Skills. To assist the children in the preparation for ICAS, we hold a yearly workshop for English and Writing.




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