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Taman Sentosa Jaya, 41200, Klang, Selangor

Hire ELIXIR GROUNDSMAN RESOURCES & other service providers, for any of the popular services below.

About me

As a dedicated home assistant company, we had successfully completed few jobs since past years, maintaining good customer service and having a neat and clean jobs finishing besides reasonable & cost efficient services builds the continues customers trust and good business relations in Klang valley.

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My services

We help clients in fixing all their house maintanance jobs such as defined below;

Recovery - fixing/ replacing new bulbs or lights, changing lighting system into current, fixing cabinet doors and drawers, fixing tear-off or leaking roofs, plumbing jobs

Enhancement - lighing systems into eco/ power saving base, replacing new doors & windows

Renovation and Upgrading - all kind of house rebuilding jobs, interior and exterior.

Bettermant - we make your home look better with the new wall colours, with our professional & fast painting services. maintaining the lawn (lawn moving), cutting and trimming tree branches/ plants, pest control services.

Enrichments - adding value to your home and family with a plesant outdoor environment on hard and softscapes (Hardscape with timber - building pergola, benches, gazebo, wooden flooring, pangkin, timber fencing, tree houses, mini bar... all are customs made designs built according to customers taste and requirements and we create a beautiful garden (with leafy plants, creepers, flowering plants, water plants and all kind of trees) for you entire family to enjoy spending valuable time at the garden.  

My achievements