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Edaran Bumi Masyhur
3 Reviews

  • Wan Nor Alisa Binti Wan Ismail
  • 2-0-5A Shoplot Ground Floor, Jalan 2A/146 Desa Tasik, 57000, Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan
  • 002046139-K

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We are a professional Integrated Facility Management company


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We offer residential, commercial & all kind of cleaning services.
We are also provide steam carpet, curtain & upholstery cleaning services

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Reviews & Rating

They were very accommodating when first contacted, pushed back the cleaning time as I had to settle some issues at the bank, and even voluntarily called in another cleaner when the contractor left a bigger mess than expected. They were also willing to maintain the original price, but I ultimately decided to add on another RM100 to be fair to them as it took longer than expected to finish -- original package was for 2 hours, they stayed for 4 hours as there was a lot to be done. Now, all those things would have been more than enough for me to hire them again, and to give them a high rating, despite the following: 1. The person in charge of the windows was careless -- he only cleaned the windows and neglected to check if there was any cleaning solution splattered on the walls and floors. The first time I noticed I told him to clean it up, and yet the walls and floors were still splattered with cleaning solution -- the solution was bright blue in cololur, and my walls and floors were beige and white respectively, so there was no way he wouldn't be able to see the splatters even if he was colour-blind as the contrast was quite obvious. I had to ask him to clean them a second time, and only then did he do a thorough job. 2. The steam cleaner that was supposed to be used to clean my living room floors broke down, so I asked them to scrub the tiles by hand. To make it easier, I sprayed de-greaser on the tile grouts so that the dirt was dislodged easier. Out of the 3, one of them merely swiped the brush around before the other came and wiped up the residue, wasting a good amount of my de-greaser. I had to brush the grouts myself to show them that it could be cleaner, and made them redo the tiles again. Note: It was only 1 of them that did a poor job, the other girl did a wonderfully thorough job with her section. However, the straw that broke the camel's back was this: When their steam cleaner broke down, they brought it into my master bedroom to try and fix it. In doing so, they somehow ripped the socket out of the faux wooden wall, and damaged my laptop charger when the cable got caught in their steam cleaner. The boss came personally the very next day to fix my socket and cable, and while the socket was fixed quite quickly, the cable was another issue. He took the cable back with him and fixed it over the weekend, so it was ready by Monday. I was out and wouldn't be home until late, but they reassured me that they would still be able to deliver the cable at 10pm, and to let them know when I got home -- I did as requested, but my calls and texts went unanswered. That was fine, as they said they would make alternate arrangements to deliver it to me on Tuesday. Again, they went MIA, apparently due to some line problems with Celcom. Finally managed to get hold on them on Wednesday, and they promised to get my laptop back to me by end of day and would call me back ASAP to make arrangements. I'm still waiting for that call. Note: I have also offered multiple times to pick up the cable from their office to save them the trouble, and yet I've not received a single call / text with their address. Conclusion: 1. You'll need to supervise the cleaners (and their work) with an eagle eye. When they left, some of the rooms still had dust on the floors so I had to vacuum them again. 2. They're also not very good with following up -- I asked for the following quotes multiple times, but have yet to receive them until today. - Mattress Cleaning - Weekly General Cleaning - Bi-weekly General Cleaning 3. Hire them for their highly competitive prices and good-natured staff, but pack up all your valuables and leave them a clear space to work with absolutely no clutter, else you may end up spending a week chasing them to fix a broken laptop charger.


by Charmaine Boo - in Sentul - 26 Oct 2016


by saliha - in Batu Caves - 12 Aug 2016

They are genuinely a group of professional people. I would definitely recommend their service to anyone as they listen to what the customer wants and really understand the customer's needs. It's very easy to negotiate with them as they are very friendly and customer-oriented type of service provider.


by Asman Wohya - in Taman Melatai - 1 Aug 2016