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Eco Steam Wash Services provides fabric cleaning service in Klang Valley.

We clean using eco-friendly cleaning detergent and technology to deliver excellent cleaning results.

Renew your fabric and get rid of unwanted dirt, stain, bacteria and germs to enjoy clean fresh fabric and healthy air quality in your indoor environment today!


Service Provided

We are focused and specialized in fabric cleaning services. To cater customers from variable industries, we have a range of service to satisfy our customer’s needs which includes:

1. Upholstery/Sofa Cleaning
2. Mattress Cleaning
3. Carpet / Rug Cleaning
4. Fabric / Pet Odour Treatment
5. Vehicle cushions Cleaning

Standard of Operation (SOP)

Step 1: Vacuum
Fabric is vacuumed with a commercial vacuum to remove bonded insoluble dry soil and airborne particles.

Step 2: Pre-treat the stains
Heavily soiled areas / dark stain are pre-treated using a spotter solution.

Step 3: Pre-Agitate
Sprays low moisture detergent on fabric and pre-groomed with a rotary cleaning machine (depending on soil level) to loosen traffic area soil.
*Drying time depends on the soiling condition of fabric set before cleaning.

Step 4 – Extract and Rinse
Once the soil has been loosened, our extraction cleaning process will thoroughly absorb the dirt solution leaving the fabric clean.

Step 5: Steaming
Cushion/ sofa/ mattress will be pre- groomed with a Steamer machine to kill all dangerous bacteria and germs producing refreshed and cleaned fabric set, without leaving behind chemical residues and marks.

Deep Extraction with Steam cleaning – Combination of two cleaning technique is used to provide an intensive solution for your fabric cleaning needs.

Benefits of Eco Steam Wash Services

1. Removes spots, stains, ordure
2. Improve hygiene
3. Removes common allergens
4. Removes dust mites and bedbugs
5. Feels clean and fresh
6. An Effective Fabric Cleaning Solution
and many more ….

No matter how effective our cleaning solution is, it is not possible to guarantee all stains can be removed totally. We promise to put our level best to remove all stain .

Effectiveness of stain removal depend on:
1. Type of fabric the stain sits on
2. Age of the stain
3. Type of stain, etc. But, to save yourself from this misery, remember to remove fresh
stains from fabric as soon as possible, blot them, and quickly contact us to remove
the stain completely.


List of Client
1. MultiMedia ComCare Services
2. Ravendran Transportation Sdn Bhd
3. Sole Vision Sdn Bhd
4. Garden Works Sdn Bhd
5. Jet Speed Services
6. A Transportation
7. Car /Van /MPV /Bus owners
8. Residential Customers



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