Easy Mandarin with Coffee ( Emphasize in Tones)

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About me

I love to discover the beauty in languages, especially in Asia.

Chinese is a huge community that build up so many dialects that some of it I don't even know it existed. Language connects people from different countries. You can understand the culture more through master the foreign language.

Oh yeah, Malaysian Chinese is a little bit complex as we have mixed up the language with local dialects. 

If you have free times, I have free times, why not meet up for a coffee and start your mandarin journey?

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My services

Hi, the services I offer here is to help you master the conversation, informal or formal.

There are few types of Mandarin dialect, Malaysian, Taiwanese & China mainly. It is quite fun to know the difference in between!! Mandarin is very fun!

The purpose is to improve your mandarin through conversation, everything start from simple one. I'm patient so you don't have to be shy to let me know what you are trying to convey so i can help u out.

I can speak English, Malay & Cantonese too.

Take it easy~ practice make it perfect!

Frankly, I tend to correct the pronunciation, to speak Mandarin, TONES is very important,

Wrong Tones, Wrong words, Different Meaning

if you want to learn Chinese character, I also can help, depends on your preferences. 

My achievements

i did teach few foreigners some simple mandarin before, as I said, master the Tones.