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Dveon Skills Training
2 Reviews

  • Sifu Kairesh
  • Dveon Skills Training, 47170, Puchong, Selangor
  • NS0154106-A

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About me

Mr. Kairesh, better known as Sifu
  is renowned for his unique teaching methods
which enables anyone to pick up Mandarin SUPER-FAST.

He was born and raised in a Chinese neighborhood where speaking Mandarin and Cantonese is a norm. He was educated in Chan Wa and pursued his degree in Marketing in University Hertfordshire.
To be able to speak Mandarin has earned him countless job and business opportunities worldwide. However, he made a decision to teach this language instead. He has been teaching Mandarin over 13 years and has made thousands speak and understand Mandarin.

Many people don’t know the importance of knowing this language until ‘the time comes.’
Mandarin must be taught to everyone as the world’s economy is moving towards China.

Knowing mandarin is certainly an important need. With persistence, determination and hard work will definitely take you a long way.
Being an Indian
to teach Chinese has brought attention from people; as he uses words that we already know to teach that makes Chinese very easy to learn. He also uses Tamil, English, Cantonese and Malay Language to explain phrases that makes Mandarin even more easy to pick up.  
“ Knowing any language in this world is an asset. Make use of this asset and reap all benefits the world has to offer.”



My services


Enrol into the Live Workshop where Sifu Kairesh
takes you through a unique experience where you can actually learn Mandarin in a very short period of time.
This is the signature program of how the ‘Speak Mandarin in 1 Month
’ brand started. You will learn:

• How to pronounce and read Chinese Pinyin

• Construct Sentences from English/ Bahasa to Mandarin instantly

• Greetings Chinese people

• Introduce yourself professionally

• Common Phrases uded by natives daily

• Master counting numbers 1- 9999 in 30 minutes

• Learn to ask & give phone numbers

• Learn to ask & mention the time

• Learn to ask & mention date

• Learn to ask & mention price

This course is to help you gain Mandarin speaking knowledge fast in a short period of time. Lessons taught can be applied immediately like a native Mandarin speaker.

• Employed seeking higher pay.

• Customer Service Exec

• Doctors & Nurses

• Travelers

• Business Owners


• Course modules
Follow through FREE Live session with Sifu Kairesh

Course details
Thank You

My achievements

Hafidz, Klang

The class is so much fun and very interactive. The course really does help us to speak common Mandarin Language. Strongly recommend people to join this program. Thumbs up for you Sifu.
Belinda Grace Augustine, Petaling Jaya

I am able to understand mandarin conversation among colleagues at office. I feel like I belong to another community. Feeling more accepted among friends. I feel so thankful to Mr. Kairesh for making this possible for me as I was longing to learn Mandarin.
Moganesh Nadarajah, Puchong

I know a little Mandarin before coming here. Sifu & classmates work together & ended up boosting each other’s confidence speaking correct PinYin. Class is fun & credits to Mr. Kairesh (Sifu) to put learning in a fun & easy to understand method. Enjoyed learning!
Ahmad Shakir, Shah Alam
Yes. this program is worth it. I don’t know Mandarin before; and after 1 month I can speak Mandarin. Thank you Sifu.

Reviews & Rating

Great... Just waiting for the days 21&22 Jan'17.tq rgds


by Kiroshana d/o Sivanyanam - in Port Klang - 9 Jan 2017

Thank You Kiroshana. See you next week!

by Dveon Skills Training - 9 Jan 2017

Sifu Kairesh is one of the awesome people who know how to teach people within any reach. He teach me Mandarin and now I am better than before from 0 to hero! Thank you sifu!


by IZZAT ESKANDAR DZULQARNAIN - in Jalan Klang Lama / OUG - 28 Sep 2016

Thank You Izzat

by Dveon Skills Training - 9 Jan 2017