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Hey! My name’s Justwin and I’m more than ready to help you reach your goals in a very steady and sustainable manner. I’ll also assist you with meal guides and nutrition advice (very crucial to reach your goals and perform). I received my certification and training from ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) and have been in the industry for about 4 years now.

To expand my knowledge, I’ve been furthering my education in nutrition sciences for the past 2 years. I deal with overweight, obese, elderly, injured and looking to get fit individuals. On training preferences, it all depends on your ultimate goal - aesthetics/performance/health. Pushing you to go beyond is my forte but I never force.

PS: I’ll need a 50% commitment deposit from interested clients. Do understand that this is necessary for me to retain only serious individuals looking to get fit 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 and of course to safeguard my time, effort and resources. Thank you for the cooperation 😊😊😊


1) HIIT workouts (short, intense bursts performed in intervals for optimum fat burn)
2) Strength training (based on fitness levels; usage of resistance bands/free weights/machines)
3) Bodyweight circuits (sometimes all you need is your own bodyweight to challenge you)
4) Nutrition tips (I could talk for hours on this, no joke at all. Ask all the questions you want)

Certified by the International Sports Sciences Association, my workouts are never boring and that’s how I’ve been motivated to get up every single day to perform my best! Before we start, I’ll have a chat with you on your knowledge, goals, capacity and health issues, if any.


My idea of achievements:-

1) From not being able to do 3 push ups in a row to doing 100 nonstop!

2) From being out of breath from treadmill walking for 10mins to running 11kms.

3) From being tired and sick all the time to getting a stronger immune system.

4) From dreading workouts and prepping meals to prioritising them.



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