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We are focused on providing Renovation & Maintenance Services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction to Offices, Residential, Factory, Shops, Restaurants, Food Courts, Colleges, Shopping Complexes, Hospitals & Hotels for the past 10 years experience in renovation works.

Cool Ace Renovation & Maintenance Services is proven Reliable, Efficient and Prompt. Great track records! You will never hesitate to employ us again for all future undertakings. Try us then you will know it. We will give you the best service. Our ultimate aim is to provide the best and competitive service available in the industry and to meet the ever-growing needs and requirement of our clients. We also take care of after-sales & service support. Our strength is to always provide the best to our customer by offering good service, friendly employees, competitive prices, saving costs. We must recognize the value learning from customers, suppliers and competitor. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us.

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To maintain & provide Quality beyond the expectations of the customer.To be a complete solution provider in the building industry.To ensure higher value for money for the customer.To set higher quality standards for each new project & dedication in all our services.



We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We pride ourselves in being experts at building solid and fruitful relationships. We make it a top priority to engage in fully functional relationships with all clients based on the very specific personality and needs of each individual client.


Cool Ace Renovation & Maintenance Services provides all kind of indoor and outdoor Renovation, Plumbing, repair Leaking, Wiring, Plaster Ceiling, Partition, Tiles, Painting, Service Air Cond, Glass & Grille Work


One Stop Renovation in Subang, USJ, Puchong, Shah Alam, Klang, Damansara, Cheras, Petaling Jaya, Bukit Jalil and other area in KL/ Selangor. Cool Ace Renovation & Maintenance Services provide all kind of Indoor & Outdoor Renovation, Plumbing, Repair Leaking, Wiring, Plaster Ceiling, Partition, Tiles, Painting, Service Air Cond, Glass & Grille Work.


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Fadrizul Hasani 3 months ago

Excellentservice selectedExcellent Service
Fastefficient selectedFast and Efficient
Helpfulfriendly selectedHelpful & Friendly
Valueformoney selectedValue for Money
Stephanie Chu 8 months ago

1) Price - it is not consider the most expensive, but definitely not the cheapest. For me, I do think is reasonable, considering the convenience of hiring only one contractor for all type of services. But many of my friends do think is expensive 2) Friendliness - the contractor is easy to deal with, consider friendly 3) Quality of work - to be honest, I personally think it is not that satisfied based on the price I am paying. For a detail oriented customer, I won’t suggest you go for it as they are not consider as a detail-oriented contractor. When it comes to painting, many places will go out of the line (especially the corner) and if there is furniture, please don’t expect they will paint the back of the furniture (my happen to the back of my tv). Don’t take me wrong, they will get things done for you ( sometimes can be forgetful and miss out what you have requested them to do). If you are just looking for a contractor to settle the things for you, you may consider. I personally prefer to ask for a discount instead of asking them for touch up for me and the contractor did discount for me. So i think overall is average.

Cool Ace Renovation & Maintenance Services replied:

Hi Stephanie, thanks for your advise. We will do the better on your next service. May be that day we got not explained well to u, for behind TV cabinet, that part of small area is blocking by a big cabinet which is not so convenient for us to paint it. And, the corner line in between the ceiling slab and the wall which is your existing concrete slab is not straight, so when 2 different color painted, then very obviously can see the line not too straight, I did explained this to u. Last, got 1 ceiling light we forgot to install due to this is not in the quotation list and this is free of charge item, sorry for that really forgot to help u to change the light. We will replace the light to u with free of charge on your next service. Again, sorry for any inconvenience and will definitely do the better and will give u more discount on the next service. ( discount until u happy happy ya 😊 ) Many thanks. Regards, Aaron.

Sam too 8 months ago

Excellentservice selectedExcellent Service
Fastefficient selectedFast and Efficient
Punctual selectedPunctual
Helpfulfriendly selectedHelpful & Friendly
Respsonsive selectedResponsive
Valueformoney selectedValue for Money
Alvin Tan 8 months ago

Reasonableprice selectedReasonable Price
Excellentservice selectedExcellent Service
Fastefficient selectedFast and Efficient
Punctual selectedPunctual
Helpfulfriendly selectedHelpful & Friendly
Respsonsive selectedResponsive
Fadli Hafiz 9 months ago

Excellentservice selectedExcellent Service
Respsonsive selectedResponsive
Kah Ying 10 months ago

I was contacted within an hour after submitting my request. Owner is very courteous in arranging the time and took initiative to gather more information on the request. Both staff is very helpful and friendly. I would recommend this company. Thanks.

Jayne 12 months ago

Good service provided. fast & Efficient!

Yeong about 1 year ago

Good service with reasonable price. Service provided by the worker is good, communicate clearly with client prior to installation. Also, responsible for housekeeping and touch up after installation done

Spencer Lim about 1 year ago

Very good service..the workers explain what and why and they put in the way I wanted, quite fast hands-on..

chua about 1 year ago

Aaron is very helpful and did good job with water tap.

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