Coach Haziq

Serving since June 2016
Last service completed on 29 Jun 2017
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I'm Coach Haziq. Fitness has always been my passion since I was young. I always love to help people achieve their fitness goals. With the right knowledge, you'll get the result much easier.
Certification :
- Diploma in Physiotherapy
- Australian Strength & Performance Advance Hypertrophy
- WMC Muay Thai Level 1 Pad
- FiRE Suspension Trainer Certified
- CPR & Life Support Certified


Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Strength & Conditioning Bodybuilding & Physique Contest Prep Diet Plan Consultation



Mr Kuala Lumpur 2012 3rd Place Welterweight
Mr Putrajaya 2013 4th Place Middleweight
Pencarian Lelaki Maskulin 2013/2014 3rd Place

Testimonial from clients

"Haziq has been my personal trainer for four months. When I first started my fitness journey, I came in totally unfit, overweight and with back problem. I have very clear goal, that is to reduce weight and improve my overall fitness. The results that I have achieved to-date are largely due to Haziq’s diverse workout methodology, individualised programs and challenging yet achievable goals.
He is able to devise structural workout plans and along the way challenge me to overcome my limits especially where there were times I reached a plateau stage. He even gave advise on my meal plans to be incorporated with the workouts which lead to my current achievement.
His professionalism, extensive knowledge in fitness and health (more so with his physiotherapy background) and passionate to his work is definitely the key factors to anyone who is looking for the right personal trainer to any fitness solution.
I am still on my journey to achieve an even greater result and I have full trust in Haziq as my personal trainer!" - Pei Yoong

My journey started when i saw a friend (in FB) started to use Personal Trainer in order to loss weight. I also wanted to loss weight, and i've been trying so hard by doing all the shortcuts way i.e crash diet,slimming pills/drinks, corset etc but nothing seems to work at all!
Then I decided that i need help from an expect, who is a living person that can guide, monitor & scold me at the same time. Haziq was introduced to me by the Head Coach @jatomi. At first he was just doing his work in guiding & providing the service that he suppose to do, but he then went extra miles by building a good partnership between us.
He first understand my goal and we worked together towards achieving it. The good attitude shown by him led to the trust between us. Whatever he said or asked to do will always come with a valid reason and i will just follow without many question asked.
Now, i am all the way ready to hit my target. It was hard at the beginning, but with proper guidance and strong support by Haziq, i've managed to loose 12kg in 4months! Not really a big number if to compare with others, but what the heck, i'm not in Biggest Loser program after all!
Haziq, thanks for the support & guidance all these while. You have given me a new meaning of healthy living. It was just like having an estasy, at first it was just a remedy, but now it became an addiction especially when you see the result that i wanted." - Hani Hashim



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