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We are established in 2008 and provide home cleaning at an affordable price. Our cleaners work in teams of 2 to efficiently clean your home on a weekly or monthly basic.
CleanTouch Services invites you to compare the difference between our company and others in terms of experience and cleaning standard. We are a total cleaning solutions team, and we customize our plan to fit your schedule. 
I am known to my customers as Mr. Hue and have been providing office and house cleaning services in Subang Jaya and Shah Alam for almost 8 years. Cleantouch Cleaning and Maintenance Works Services is privately owned by myself and my 2 partners and we have a team of 25 cleaners, most who have worked in the company for almost 5 years already.
My cleaning staff normally work in teams of 2 to efficiently provide cleaning services on a weekly or monthly basis for both house and office. Customers can also request for part time maid or cleaner that can work on an hourly basis.
We always try to work together with our customer to customise a cleaning schedule and plan for them to fit their budget. We also encourage customers to be present when our cleaners arrive. Since our customers know their homes and offices better, they can make the most of the time they have when the cleaners are together with them, to advise and show what are the jobs they want to have done. This way they can have the extra hand they need during that time and can ensure that the jobs are done properly.


• House cleaning

• Commercial cleaning

• After-parties and events cleaning


I have previously serviced customers at Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Kota Kemuning, Puchong and part of Petaling Jaya.


Ratings & reviews

44 ratings


Susannah Lim over 4 years ago

Their price is competitive and their response is quick. The maids' services were average...did what was instructed but overlooked many areas in their cleaning process eg. under the beds and furniture.

Jasmine Foong over 4 years ago

Reasonable price & good services provided

chin over 4 years ago

Price is reasonable. So fast the quality of work is acceptable.

Irene over 4 years ago

I booked for 2 hours but the cleaners effectively worked only 1.5hours because their driver/boss arrived. We told him the cleaners have not finished their job but he merely said goodbye. As for the cleaners performance, they are slow and very chatty. They were chatting from upstairs to downstairs the first one hour and we had to separate them so that they can focus on the job. Sadly, I won't be able to recommend these cleaners.

Riane Wong over 4 years ago

Mr Hew senot 2 cleaners to my house for 2 hours. One of the cleaners named Julie is good but I'm not really happy with another cleaner. Whatever me or my mom instructed her or them to do, she repeated everything we said. Me and my mom were not happy with her attitude. Therefore, if I would continue with their services, I would probably only take one cleaner named Julie but not the impolite one.

su almost 5 years ago


Soo almost 5 years ago

Punctual. Work quality quite good; one of them is a fast worker. However, work attitude is absolutely horrendous!!! The 2 maids were grumpy, gloomy, reluctant and extremely rude from the get-go. One of them kept complaining "susah" (difficult), for a task like wiping grilled door. They got ready to leave 10mins (!) before time, though I managed to get them to do a little sweeping. The last 5 mins they absolutely refused to work, even yelled at me. I would NOT want to see these 2 maids again.

philip chua almost 5 years ago

Mr Hew was available on time for the cleaning service at my home and he brought along 2 cleaners as promised with the fees set at RM 60 for 2 hours. The 2 cleaners that started the service was a 50% miss as 1 of them (Estee) was good but the other (miss x) pure lazy and not interested to provide a service. The toilet was cleaned 3 times in a span of 45 mins to ensure that it is actually clean after i pointed out several spots that was missed. I was then given a rude feedback about how miss x does not want to clean my windows or mop as instructed. As it the 2 hours was almost up, i just wanted them to quickly finish up to end the ordeal for me to ring Mr Hew up to provide feedback. During my call I explained explicitly what had happened but he seems less than interested stating he will not send miss x anymore to my place moving forward.

Cheng almost 5 years ago

Very good service and job done professionally.

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