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We are established in 2008 and provide home cleaning at an affordable price. Our cleaners work in teams of 2 to efficiently clean your home on a weekly or monthly basic.
CleanTouch Services invites you to compare the difference between our company and others in terms of experience and cleaning standard. We are a total cleaning solutions team, and we customize our plan to fit your schedule. 
I am known to my customers as Mr. Hue and have been providing office and house cleaning services in Subang Jaya and Shah Alam for almost 8 years. Cleantouch Cleaning and Maintenance Works Services is privately owned by myself and my 2 partners and we have a team of 25 cleaners, most who have worked in the company for almost 5 years already.
My cleaning staff normally work in teams of 2 to efficiently provide cleaning services on a weekly or monthly basis for both house and office. Customers can also request for part time maid or cleaner that can work on an hourly basis.
We always try to work together with our customer to customise a cleaning schedule and plan for them to fit their budget. We also encourage customers to be present when our cleaners arrive. Since our customers know their homes and offices better, they can make the most of the time they have when the cleaners are together with them, to advise and show what are the jobs they want to have done. This way they can have the extra hand they need during that time and can ensure that the jobs are done properly.


• House cleaning

• Commercial cleaning

• After-parties and events cleaning


I have previously serviced customers at Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Kota Kemuning, Puchong and part of Petaling Jaya.


Ratings & reviews

44 ratings


Catherine Chong almost 4 years ago

Is good but still can improve because they forgot to clean my kitchen cabinet drawer, but still worth it, i will continue hire them.

Puva almost 4 years ago

Price is okay. Cleaning could be better but cleaners are professional

Richie Chew about 4 years ago

Overall is good. The maids are responsible. Only slow respond to booking.

Joe Wong over 4 years ago

The cleaner was polite. We agreed on 2 hours work for house cleaning, They arrived late, and left "on time". The quality of work is not good. There are some places that they didn't clean properly, and they didn't put the equipment they used back to where it suppose to be.

Irene over 4 years ago

First 2-3 times they were acceptable cleaning.After using them for several months I can rate that they are only acceptable. As months goes by they are getting slack and don't clean properly. The cleaners tend to pretend to forget to clean up certain areas. They had to be reminded constantly although they were the same cleaner coming every time. Hope that you can remind your cleaners to do the same good job when they first started cleaning my place. Consistency is the key for us to use your service every time.

Steven Tan over 4 years ago

Really bad experience, the cleaners kept on complaining, and asking me to get this and that for cleaning on the preference. which i already have but not to their liking. Wanted to leave 15 minutes before time, and mention to me that here must work full 2hours of cleaning?? Send a complaint to Cleantouch management no respond at all an decided to terminate the 1 month service which i have initially ordered. All the can respond was sorry for the late reply an was a pleasure of serving you again which was 3 days after my initial complaint.

Chief Choo over 4 years ago

The cleaner they provide is professional and is up to standard.

Lee Chin Weng over 4 years ago

Came late 45 minutes. Although they are friendly, but the work that they did is just satisfactory. Finish in one and a half hour of two hours job. When do the checking, I cleaned the places that they did not do it. If I were to call them again, I would request for different cleaners.

Alexis over 4 years ago

Maids were nice and friendly. However, they did not do a good job at cleaning. Some surfaces that were wiped were still dusty after cleaning presumably from the unchanged bucket of water that was already black in colour. The price paid for cleaning a room and a kitchen was not on par with the service.

Avelynn Teng over 4 years ago

Hi, I hire Mr. Hue's cleaners, not knowing that my sister used to hire them and she was extremely unsatisfied with their services. When the cleaners came this time around, it was as bad as the first time. The cleaners will work for 1hour 45mins ans stop, saying that the car is here to pick them up. They are not clean at all...crumbs are still on the floor. When my mum pointed it out, they say she's "bising". They were suppose to change the bedsheet is all the bedroom but they only change some and some rooms they are not even bothered. All in all, worst cleaner i've hired so far.

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