CHSAA Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe

CHSAA Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe

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  • Jalan 10/3, Seksyen 10, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, 46000, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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About me

The Catholic High School Alumni Association Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe (“hereinafter known as “CHSAADLDT”, “we”, “us”, “our” or the “Troupe”) was founded in year 2009. The members of CHSAADLDT are all alumni from Catholic High School, Petaling Jaya. The main objective of the Troupe was not only to create awareness of the Chinese Tradition, but also to spread the enthusiasm towards dragon and lion dancing to the society. At the commencement period of the Troupe, as our main focus was on participating in traditional lion dance as well as acrobatic lion dance competitions and performances, we were formerly known as the Catholic High School Alumni Association Lion Dance Troupe.
In 2011, we brought in the 24-seasons drum performances which has improved the fame of the Troupe and received compliments from the public.
In early 2015, we started practicing and performing dragon dance. As a result, we have renamed our Troupe to CHSAADLDT.
All in all, our Troupe has been actively participating in competitions and performances in different states. As our objective has been clearly communicated amongst the members, all the members share the same vision and mission of the Troupe. As a consequence of the commitment that we have from all the members and not forgetting the massive support from the public, we have achieved a humble fame in the dragon and lion dance industry. We respect other dragon and lion dance troupes and actively share the thoughts and insights of dragon and lion dancing with each other. To us, we learn most, by contributing back to the society.


My services

• 传统舞狮 Traditional Lion Dance

• 高桩舞狮 Acrobatic High Poles Lion Dance

• 传统舞龙 Traditional Dragon Dance

• 夜光舞龙 Luminance Dragon Dance

• 廿四节令鼓 24 Season Drums

My achievements

• 2015年马来西亚第三届《世界龙狮网》夜光龙龙王争霸赛

• 2015年马来西亚第四届《YB欧阳捍华杯》全国南狮传统公开赛

• 2015年马来西亚第一届Coffee Tree慈善醒狮锦标赛

• 2014年马来西亚第7届《善福宫杯》传统南狮狮王公开赛

• 2014年马来西亚芙蓉第一届传统南狮(器材阵式)公开赛

• 2014年马来西亚槟城第二届鼎锋杯武术暨传统狮艺邀请赛

• 2013年马来西亚加影全国高桩舞狮精英邀请赛

• 2013年马来西亚新山第六届《善福宫杯》传统南狮争霸赛

• 2013马来西亚第三届古来IOI MALL南狮高桩狮王争霸赛

• 2012年马来西亚大山脚城隍爷杯传统南狮邀请赛

• 2012年马来西亚第6届南狮传统地青(器材正式)竞标赛

• 2012年马来西亚槟城《鼎锋杯》传统狮艺邀请赛

• 2011年马来西亚第十五届全国舞狮锦标赛(中马区)

• 2011年新加坡第四届牛车水新春国际狮王争霸邀请赛(初赛)

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