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About me

Xryss Fitness’ main focus is delivering Personal Training to your house or condo. It’s very much like private tuition. Only different is, we are teaching / guiding / coaching you into a better and healthier lifestyle from your home. (or your preferred location) 

Xryss is a short-form from my nickname Christine. Xryss is pronounced as Chris or Kris. The reason I pull out all the vowels is because I want to make the name unique and different from the rest. There are so many fitness centres around and to make one stand out it to be different.

Exercise in a good form can prevent/reduce injuries, getting ill, feeling fatigue and more. Keeping one fit has always been a challenge, that’s why we are doing house-call; to ensure that you are in shape for any parties, events, festive season and more. By starting from home; it will be good influence on your children, relatives and friends that exercise is good. 


  • Increase in Metabolism rate
  • Reduce Body Fat %
  • Tone or Shape your body
  • Increase Muscle Endurance
  • Increase Coordination
  • Better functional strength in your daily activities
  • Feel more energetic
  • Feel good about yourself

Commonly asked Questions:

What do you need to have in your home?

  • An exercise mat 

How much space do one need? 

  • About a single mattress bed size. 6x5 feet (about there) 

I have no equipments at home. How am I supposed to have the session? 

  • The trainer will bring the equipment (if needed). Most exercises begins with body weight exercises. 

Why hire us? 

  • Flexible workout timing. Suitable for everyone.
  • Don’t need to brave through the traffic to get to the gym
  • No CONTRACT for gym membership
  • Home-Gym workouts

My services

Specialized in: 

** Home-Gym trainings ** 

* Body Toning & Shaping (Women's Fitness)

* Fat Loss

* Circuit Training

* Post Rehab Fitness

* Aqua Fitness

* Functional Training 

* Freestyle Training

* ABC (Agility, Balance, Coordination) Training

* Children Fitness (only by pairs) 

My achievements

My Qualifications;

  • ACE Certified
  • FIT Certified
  • Weight Loss Specialist
  • TRX GSTC Certified
  • CPR Certified
  • 1st Dan Karate  

Ratings & reviews

  • "She knew exactly what I needed and came prepared for the exercise routine."

    byAndrew Marshall -03 Jun 2015Endurance Training inShah Alam