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  • Chong Lek Jan
  • D'aman Ria Apartment R-23-03, Jalan PJU 1A/41, 47301, Ara Damansara, Selangor
  • NA

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About me

Emcee: As an enthusiastic speaker I also find myself landing on emcee jobs for functions, events and weddings. An enthusiastic sense of humor always makes your guests have a better time at your function and events.. I will also first of all find out what your expectation of the emcee that you want me to be would be, from there I will suggest what I am going to do as your emcee to ensure an awesome evening for your invited guest!

Team Building:
Team building is part of what I do for the past 10 years in the Life Insurance industry, it is one of the hardest job in the work selling Life Insurance.. Therefore there needs to be a lot of motivation and mind setting to make sure that the sales force is profitable.. The key is to have a motivated sales force that would go out to the field and work everyday and bring back the sales!
Team Building Video


My services

Emcee: (Emcee with enthusiasm!) - Corporate functions - Events - Weddings

Team Building:
- Creating a bond in your sales force
- An exciting and educational approach to strengthen your sales force!

Team Building Video

My achievements

Guitar Lessons:
- Given lessons to beginners and have them achieve playing all their favorite songs in the shortest time.
- Casual lessons to intermediate guitar players who found it hard to figure out how each modes are different and how to use it in their jamming or gigs..
Sales training:
- Motivated a sales force of 300pax in the Insurance industry, comments were "You have shaken the whole sales force, and they are boiling and eager to go out to sell right away!"
Sales force recruitment seminar:
- Had a 30% recruitment rate in the impactful recruitment seminar.
Team Building:
- Did this every quarter of the year to bond the sales force together!!
Team Building Video
- Emcee for weddings in English and Cantonese, comical experience for the guests!
Product Launching
- Whenever the product launching of the company gone bad, I will relaunch the product with more enthusiasm and more impactful for the sales force to believe that the product is the best in the market and if they don't start selling they are going to lose out!

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