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Chan Plumbing
4 Reviews

  • Chan Wen Jian
  • 12A Jalan Kelantan, 10050, Georgetown, Penang
  • AS0021542-K

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About me

Hi, I am Chan Wen Jian from Chan Plumbing.
We are a plumbing service company who are able to provide service for whole Penang (island and main land).


My services

We are focus more on plumbing service either repairing or installation.

My achievements

We have done many jobs before and most of them are satisfied with our service.

Reviews & Rating

No complains on the quality of work. Things got fixed and it's now working. However, I didn't have a good experience dealing with Chan himself. Made appointments and he didn't show up, worst still he didn't even inform me that he will be late. Called him and eventually had to reschedule.


by Lie Wei - 6 Jan 2017

Sorry for the delayed work. Thanks for the review.

by Chan Plumbing - 6 Jan 2017


by Oh Yong Fen - 25 Dec 2016

Thank you so much for the review

by Chan Plumbing - 14 Feb 2017


by Nadim - 31 Oct 2016

Thank you so much nadim!

by Chan Plumbing - 31 Oct 2016


by tom lee - 7 Oct 2016