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Bridey Makeup Services 的彩妆注重在于如何把妆感帶出最美的你,最干净并且不掩饰的自然美妆~~

妆感不需要太多的掩饰和浓妆红唇,只需把局部的不足加以改善,即可带出韵律之美,朴素之美,光感之美,还你一张只属于你自己最原始的脸蛋 ~~


Bridey Makeup Services focus on makeup to show the real beauty of you, the most pure and natural makeup.

Makeup doesn’t have to cover too much with smokey eyes and red lipstick, just to improve some spot on your face to highlight your beautiful face.

Besides from providing our professionalism, we are always ready to listen to every customer’s requirement and will fulfil each and every with our utmost enthusiasm, just to provide you the most nature and beauty makeup that belongs to you.


Briday Makeup Services 的服务包括👇🏻

❤️Bridal Makeup 新娘化妆
❤️ROM / Engagement Makeup 新娘注册化妆
❤️Personal Makeup 个人化妆
❤️Dinner / Prom / Party Makeup 宴会酒席化妆
❤️Pre-wedding Makeup 楼影摄影化妆
❤️Personal Makeup Course 个人化妆课程
❤️Academy / Commercial Grooming Course 商业形象课程


❤️ 2017 DJ and artist makeup for their CNY programme
❤️ Long term project for cabin crew training with Cabin Crew Academy



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Snowflake about 2 years ago

Good service. Well recommended.

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Lim over 2 years ago

I was attracted by the description of Bridey Makeup Services that they focus on makeup to show the real beauty of you, the purest and natural makeup. Since I am not a fan of heavy make- up, I engaged their services for my actual day and the wedding reception on two separate days. The main MUA for my big day is Lily. She is so amazing! Lily is professional, and has a passion for her work. She also made me feel so comfortable which is really important. End result: all the makeup is so natural as promised. Lily made me look and feel so gorgeous, as well as my mother. Besides Lily, another MUA Abby also has been assigned to make up my MIL. Abby did a great job too. My MIL was so happy with the “transformation”. I highly recommend using Bridey Makeup Services, you will be so happy that you did! Good value for money. Don’t doubt it ;)

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Yenny almost 3 years ago

Great and friendly service! Lily constantly checking if her service meets my requirement during the make up process, and she even drove me to my event place! Well recommended...

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Wong over 2 years ago

Abby arrived on time as agreed. She's been professional and easy to work with throughout the session. However, I was left disappointed with the overrun as I was informed that the whole session would take 1-1.5 hours. We started at 5.30am, but the whole session ended at 7.45am. I'm fine with overrun so long as the end result is good. But sadly, the many comments I received from my family and even my husband was that there's something wrong with my eye! True enough, photos taken on my ROM shows the imperfection and out of the 100 over shots taken, only 2 shots are usable (and that's because it was not a close up shot but a side view shot of the other side of my face). I was told I would have been better off without any makeup that day. Abby applied double eye lid sticker to balance the size of both eyes, but instead of achieving that effect, I had a disfigured looking eye. When I tried to reach out Abby's colleague (engagement of service was through the colleague and not Abby), I received no reply after the service have been provided. All I asked for was close up photos of the hairdo and makeup. I guess this only goes to show there's poor after sales service. Should they have gotten back to me, I would have given another chance for Actual Day Wedding makeup. But seems like they are only keen in securing a one-time off service rather than recurring service from existing customer. I would not even consider recommending their service to my friends and family after this disastrous encounter. Lesson learn: 1) To insist a timing which works for yourself rather than at the convenience of makeup artist. I regret that I did not insist for 5.00am as that would have given me sufficient time to check and have the eye makeup to be re-done. It would have also given me buffer time for any overrun. I ended up very late and the photographer and my husband was waiting for more than 1 hour for my arrival at the JPN office.

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