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Is a great pleasure to have all of you here, first and foremost, allow me to share a motivational quote, "The Journey Of Thousand Miles Always Begin With The Very First Step".
Personally, I started fitness when I were 15 years old, back then, I used to be an ordinary fat round kids who had low self-esteem that never seem to accomplish anything in life. I'm thankful to god and so grateful that I have picked the road of fitness that has totally transform me into a person that full of positivity and energy. (ive attached my transformation pic below)
Today, I'm here not just to share my inspiration with you, I would like to offer you an opportunity to regain back what YOU had missed in your current fitness and health condition.
I sincerely hope that, without regret, I will be your first choice in helping you reaching your fitness goal and pushing you become independent in pursuing your desire body! 

language spoken: English, Mandarin, Cantonese & Malay


I'm a CPT(Certified Personal Trainer) with qualification of NASM (National Academy Sports & Medicine). My specialty in this field including muscular endurance training, resistance training, weight loss training, cardiovascular training, sport performance training and flexibility training.
My goals is simply to help my clients to achieve their exercise and fitness goals in which education on training, nutrition and supplementation will be just the few main priorities that i will emphasis on.
Typically I train client at varied length of session from 30, 60 or 90 minutes in which depends on individual fitness tolerant level. And the great thing about engaging with me, the price of the training session will remain the same regardless of the length of session.
Popularly, people always come to me when they have interest in weight loss, firming and toning, increasing muscles mass, nutrition, flexibility, endurance training and body building. My promise to you is when you engage me as your trainer; i will give full attention and I am flexible to adjust according to your needs and preferences. 
In regarding on the training location, I will personally travel to your convenient area to provide the service you needed. Whether the session is held over in a condo gym or private studio, any additional gym fees will be responsible by my clients. On top of that, I will also bring over some of my tools such as TRX and Foam Roller that will aide in training.

My packages usually involve few element which are:
• A proper designed workout plan that assist you towards achieving a great fat loss goals with toning and muscle building.
• A simple nutrition guide that will educate you on proper eating that support your goals
• An advice on supplementation that can help speed up the process
• Continuous online whatsapp support that provide workout motivation and online Q&A 


From my past 5 years experience in dealing with client from various background, I have seen many success and failures among them that has allow me to greater understand the key principles in achieving fitness goals.
Personally, I would dare to guarantee that none of my client has ever disappointed from the service I provided. For me, my professionalism in performing the service is pretty simple- you give me 100%, I'll give you back 101%!! 



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Rachel about 2 years ago

Love the attentiveness given to my weak lower back. Started rehab training for 2 weeks and the training was focusing on activating different parts of my muscle. I am getting into the momentum and looking forward to build a strong core and burn off some fats and lose some pounds!

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Qistina about 2 years ago

Jacob is a great personal trainer. Every session is different and every session he will push you to the max within your ability. You will be exhausted but satisfied after training with him. I can also see improvement in my stamina now. Will continue to train with him. Thank you Jacob!

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Dexter about 2 years ago

I discovered Jacob through a Google search, and by reading the reviews about him on Kaodim.com. I also took a look at his Insta and found him very motivating, and this was exactly what I needed: motivation and seeing what I am capable of. To give an overview of my fitness level - I am 39, and I have never been too involved in sports all my life. I also suffered from a slipped disc at a younger age and a runner's knee (patellofemoral pain syndrome) from running without a proper form and not strengthening the relevant muscles. I was so used to joining body combat, body steps, body pump and cycling back to back, flashed back to about ten years ago. I love pilates and yoga but never got into doing it regularly enough. Whenever I get busy, working out would be the first thing I would sacrifice. I reached out to Jacob in January 2019 because I wanted to spend my 2019 focusing on fitness, and also because I had finally reached a point that I was miserable and desperate to improve my degrading stamina and get my weight under control. To say I was frustrated doesn't really do it justice. I actually felt horrible physically, mentally and emotionally. I didn't have enough faith in myself to make any impact on my current situation. Well, I'm telling you this so you know that you are NOT ALONE! MANY OF US FIND OUR WAY THERE, AND WHEN ONE OF US FINDS OUR WAY OUT, WE OWE IT TO OTHERS TO SHARE. The workouts, as most reviews mentioned, were different each time although during every session you focused on different parts of the body. Jacob made sure that my workout was high intensity and he always added new moves or gadgets to the workouts to make it interesting and effective. He knew how to push you right up to your limit without risking your injury. I was a little nervous to start my first training because I have never considered myself to be athletic enough at all. Indeed my first workout - leg training was tough but Jacob was inspiring, patient and non-judgmental, and I kept coming back. After the first day, I knew that I could trust him completely to help me improve in all the ways I wanted. He has helped me feel so much stronger and in shape than I ever thought I would. Now my clothes fit me better (= I'm still struggling hard to accomplish my leg workout - squat, lunges, deadlift, to be precise, but now I no longer afraid of doing them. You hear that, Jacob? Once I had him in my corner, my mental barriers to squatting started coming down. I quite enjoy seeing the incremental progress in what I'm able to do from week to week. Jacob understands anatomy and where your weaknesses lie as an unique individual. He builds your workouts according to these and changes the number of repetitions or the amount of weight as necessary during the workout. He watches you closely and ensures you get the most out of every exercise. Every week you see the progress you made since last week which is something that really motivated me! One of the greatest things about Jacob is he oozes positive energy, enthusiasm and passion. He truly believes that people can achieve anything if they try, and he is good at convincing you, too. And his charisma is infectious. He truly wants to see you succeed, maybe even more than you do! He is totally your biggest and loudest cheerleader! Hashtag, proud trainer, Jacob! I have completed my ten sessions with Jacob and will renew for my next set of training sessions. When you see this as an investment on yourself, just like learning a new skill or a language, every penny is worth it. Oh yea, if there is any warning, I'll say that Jacob is addictive! You'll crave his enthusiasm, energy, passion and knowledge. I can't say enough good things about him. Okay. Why are you still reading this? Go and get in touch with him.

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Ooi over 2 years ago

First time to hire a personal trainer and it has been a great experience. Good quality, all-rounded workout and fitness advice. Jacob always help fine tune the trainings according to my body's condition of the day. Helps beginners like myself to get use to routine trainings. Looking forward to upcoming sessions.

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